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Tried & Tested: 1000 Hours Lash & Brow Dye

Well, this is exciting! DIY brow tinting that’s easy, affordable and delivers salon-standard results.

Although salon tints only cost $20 on average, it’s more about the convenience of not having to make regular appointments when your tint fades. This is a particular nuisance if, like us, you do your own plucking or waxing so there is no other reason to head to the beauty therapist.

The application was a tad nerve-wracking but the process is very straightforward. Mix two solutions provided in the kit, apply to brows with the mascara-style wand, wait 6 minutes and wipe with a cotton bud. The results were even better than we expected as there was no dye residue on our skin- this is something that happens in salons all the time and you walk around for days following with 2 furry-looking caterpillars above your eyes!

There are 8 tones to choose from in the 1000 HOUR Lash & Brow Dye range. If you’re deciding between two shades, opt for the lighter colour so the results aren’t too dramatic.

You can also dye your lashes with this same kit – hello, value! Stay tuned for when we give that a whirl. And each kit promises 12 applications (to last 12 months) at $18.95 a pop, you can’t deny the savings.


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