6 Style Lessons we can learn from Helen Mirren

The ever-cool, always fabulous Helen Mirren can never be accused of being boring with her fashion. The starlet will take on any trend her heart desires and never feels limited by her 73 years, nor should she. Ms Mirren knows how to dress for her shape, she keeps her cuts classic and is happy to push the envelope with the edgy looks and statement outerwear. Here, we’ve picked up on some patterns in her style that we think we can all take a cue from.  

“I used to worry more about my looks than I do now. I think the great advantage of getting older is that you learn to let things go” – Helen Mirren.

All images of Helen are via Pinterest

Motto jackets go with everything.  You can call them biker jackets, leather jackets, motto whatever you want but know that they’re a very versatile jacket. We love how Helen often toughens up a pretty frock with a biker jacket, it’s our favourite way to wear them. They look just as great with jeans and a tee but if we’re going down that casual route we like to keep our footwear feminine to soften the look. So rather than a boot try a low heel or a slimline trainer to balance it all out.

Portmans rose colours biker jacket $199.95

Target black biker jacket $59

All images of Helen are via Pinterest

Never underestimate the power of a great neckline to make your look.  These dresses wouldn’t be half as striking if it weren’t for their unusual necklines. Arms remain covered but Helen flaunts her decolletage and simultaneously elongates her neck. Topped off with a red lippy and a great cropped ‘do and we’re looking at a pro who knows how to achieve red carpet elegance. 

Next Direct cobalt blue dress $128 

A smart, casual and classic look is nailed when it has a little twist. These simple monochrome outfits are all beautiful and wearable but that little extra something is always added with Ms Mirren. Her all-white ensemble is topped off with some fun blue plaid ballet flats. A classic white shirt and jeans get a luxury update with a tweed biker jacket. And a very on-trend hair turban takes a power suit out of the boardroom and into the night like the queen of style this star is.

All images of Helen are via Pinterest

Mollini metallic loafer $104.95 // Portmans tweed jacket $97.46 // Shein black turban $5.95

Sometimes, outerwear is all that matters. Confession: our favourite item of clothing is a jacket and we probably own a few too many. There is nothing better than wearing those trusted basics that you know fit you well and teaming it will a killer coat. Think of it as the finishing touch- you wouldn’t bake an amazing cake and put no effort into the icing. Great outwear is the icing, the cream, the cherry on top and sometimes the sprinkles too! 

All images of Helen are via Pinterest


Motto orange trench coat $149.95



RAINS trench coat @ Farfetch $320 [Expensive but a bargain when compared to Helen’s $3K Burberry coat] 

A touch of fur goes a long way. A lush fur stole is the perfect addition to an autumn/winter wardrobe. Team it with a fancy dinner look, or drape one over your shoulder to elevate a casual look. There are now many affordable faux fur options around which feel beautifully luxurious and you should definitely keep this item for life, it never dates. 

All images of Helen are via Pinterest

Forever new blush faux fur stole $79.99 // Seed Heritage brown faux fur stole $49.95

Don’t “act your age”. Always have fun, never allow yourself to be put into a box based on a simple number. In fact, now more than ever, you’re in your prime to experiment. Curious about a bold colour for a while now? Have a shot! This stunning pink hair that Helen wore for a red carpet appearance was actually a temporary colour. Her light silver hair was the perfect base to add a non-permanent shade to but if you have dark hair we do recommend discussing the colour with your hairdresser first. And just have fun! 

All images of Helen are via Pinterest

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