Australis launches customisation station into Priceline stores

australis customised palette



We’d officially resigned ourselves to the “2 out of 3 ain’t bad” way of thinking when it came to eyeshadow trios or palettes. There were always colours that were never going to get anywhere near our face and a waste of money.
That was until Australis launched its interchangeable palettes. How does it work? You start with an empty magnetic case and then add your pick of eyeshadow, bronzer, contour shades, highlighters or blushes to suit your complexion. There are 51 options so maybe give yourself some time to choose or as always, ask staff for some assistance.
The best part about all of this? They’re sticking with Australis prices. A measly $10 for the palette, $4 for eyeshadows and $5 for all other additions. Considering some brands charge well into the $100 + range for such freedom of choice it makes it incredible value for money.
May we never neglect that third shade in a trio again!
Available in Priceline’s, some Big W stores and online, they’re giving new meaning to the word attainable. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!


More customisation stores here.

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