Changes to make to your skincare after 50



Skin endures massive change throughout our lives. During phases such as puberty, pregnancy or as our skin matures, beauty products should be tweaked to best support our ever-changing dermis. We spoke with Ella Bache’s National Training Manager, Gina Cook to get the skinny on how to best care for our bodies largest organ in the later years.




What products should we introduce beyond 50?

The skin changes as we age. Often in your 50’s more nourishment to the skin is needed along with high performing serums that give an immediate lift and plumping action. The Ella Baché Eternal+ range is our most advanced anti-aging product on the market combining a powerful cocktail of re-densifying, regenerating, and anti-wrinkle ingredients; olive oil extract stimulates cellular metabolism, myrtle extract promotes healthy protein production, collagen peptides soften wrinkles and firm, algae boosts ATP production, hyaluronic acid microspheres smooth lines and give long-lasting hydration. Skin is left smoothed, plumped and revitalised.



Is there a particular type of beauty product we should reconsider or cease using after 50?

If you are using a toner, stop. Many toners on the market can strip the acid mantle and cause damage. At Ella Baché we believe in having the correct skin balance to function optimally, this means we nurture the correct skin acidity.


What are your thoughts on the double cleansing trend?

Double cleansing is recommended for all skin types, no matter your age. If the correct cleanser is used it will not disrupt the PH level of the skin. The first cleanse is a pre-cleanse to dissolve stubborn, cosmetic debris and prepare skin for cleansing – try our Floral Oil or Radiance Make Up Remover. The second cleanse is to rebalance oil flow and neutralise pH levels for natural protection and enhanced skin functioning. Your Ella Baché cleanser will be prescribed based on your skin type and oil flow. Generally, once over 50 the skin produces less oil so our Crème Douce Démaquillant would be the most likely choice. To maximise product absorption, exfoliation is essential. If there is no sensitivity, a deep exfoliation from our Resurfacing Peel will offer ultimate cellular regeneration- use this once a week for 6 weeks. And for regular exfoliation, Refining Exfoliating Gel (used weekly) will keep the skin smooth and soft.



More women than ever are seeking natural skincare options – what are your recommendations within the Ella Bache range?

Ella Baché heritage is built on high-quality performance botanical ingredients, many of which we are still using today. We were the first to utilise the powerful benefits of Tomato (if you haven’t tried to Crème Tomate, you really must) as well as marine extracts such as algae which are popular today as powerful anti-aging and collagen activating ingredients.



There are a lot of serums, oils, sunscreens, masks, creams, moisturisers on the market- it can be overwhelming! What is the most basic skincare regime you can recommend?

At Ella Baché our mantra for good skin health is double cleanse, serum, eye treatment, moisture protective and always use sun cream. Australian women age 20 years faster than anyone else, which is largely driven by our exposure to the sun and harmful UVA and UVB rays. It’s imperative to finish your skin care routine off with a broad-spectrum sun cream such as our NEW Great SPF50+ FaceSaver Lotion.



There is a debate about how regularly we should mix up our skincare products. If a customer has used the same product for 20+ years and it seems to be working fine, is there any reason to switch to something new?

Skin changes as we age. Beyond 30 years of age, collagen decreases 1%/ per year and we begin to see noticeable changes in pigment occur. At the age of 65, fibre breakdown has given rise to fine lines, wrinkles and reduced dermal density by 20%. So yes, you do have to change your skincare as you age or at least introduce something new.  There is so much now available in product performance – what was good 20 years ago may still be ok for the client, however, the introduction of something new could take that client to a whole different level of skin care results. Also, be mindful of seasonal changes- they will dictate a different product line up, so speak to your skin expert for your seasonal solution.


Gina Cook, National Training Manager Ella Baché


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