Fran tries the infamous Guinot Hydradermie facial with Sandrine Carliez

No longer just a simple scrub and moisturiser, there is a myriad of facials out there that you can now customise to different sections of your face. Some even involve lasers, radio frequency, infrared lights, the advancements are huge. So huge, it can get confusing about what facial is best for your concerns. Guinot international trainer, Sandrine Carliez guides us on facial treatments that focus on common concerns as we age.

We also sent a follower along to trial the infamous Hydradermie facial. Read on to learn more about this luxe but incredibly effective treatment.

Guinot international trainer, Sandrine Carliez

What is the best facial to fight pigmentation? – A peel is great for renewing the skin. [we like:

What to ask for if you have sensitive skin – In this situation, it’s best to avoid facials that are too stimulating. No peels, steam or use of ingredients that are too stimulating like Vitamin C.

Best time to have a facial in the lead up to an event? – The optimum time for a facial is one week prior to the event – a facial stimulates the skin, whilst detoxing at the same time. Therefore it can often be followed by a mild breakout. After 7 days, your skin will settle down again.

How can we give ourselves an at-home facial? You can certainly maintain skin care in the home by stepping up your regular routine with a mini facial once a week. Use a good quality exfoliator during cleansing, followed by your serum and then apply a mask for 10-15 minutes. By applying your serum under your mask, the treatment is boosted and the effects are even better. After removing the mask, follow with your moisturiser and an SPF.

Should we change the type of facials we get as we age, when skin may become drier and more sensitive? Yes! Our philosophy at Guinot is to always be looking to rebalance the skin, the secret to optimum skin condition. So your facial needs to be tailormade to your skin condition at the time and the results that you are looking for and this will determine what your facial need is.

Do women need to reconsider their usual facials during menopause and hormonal imbalances?
Yes, again this goes back to what the changing needs of your skin are. During this time, the skin changes a lot and many women find that their skin will be different, feeling like nothing is working. Skin is dehydrated, drier, more sensitive and more uncomfortable with some women explaining a burning/hot sensation and sometimes feeling itchy. You will notice a dramatic drop in your collagen and elastin in the skin. It’s important to have a thorough consultation with your skin care therapist to determine exactly what your skin needs and your facial should be adapted accordingly.

Can you explain the Guinot Hydradermie Lifting facial and what sets it apart from other facials?
This facial is completely different as it works on the muscles in your face. Traditional facials work on the tissue and collagen. The main action of the facial is to stimulate facial muscles, boost microcirculation and eliminate toxins (by decongesting the lymph system), with an end result of providing an instant lifting effect to the complexion. It’s been likened to facial gymnastics! You will experience quite a different feeling with this facial, less like a pampering and relaxing feeling and more like a work-out for the skin because your muscles are moving.

We sent one lucky newsletter subscriber, Fran along to trial this beautiful treatment. She says

“I couldn’t believe how well this worked. It was a strange sensation to get used to (a machine-like thing on your face) but once I adjusted it was fine and boy the results! I have bags under my eyes that were completely gone for weeks! It’s been suggested I start off going on a monthly basis and I think I will, I loved it that much. I’ve never had a facial make such an immediate and significant difference to my face”.

Smart. Casual. Classic. follower: Fran

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