TRIED AND TESTED: Customised lipstick at The Lip Lab

On our recent trip to Orange NSW, we were pleased to find they have their very own Lip Lab (we love when a business sees the potential outside of the major cities) so we organised a time for Rebecca to stop by and trial the service. Here is her experience.

Customised Lipstick at The Lip Lab

I’ve always admired statement lipstick on friends but found myself returning to natural colours as I could never find “the one”. I love deep berry tones in winter but all of the high-pigment lipsticks seemed to dry out my lips or the tones I sought after were always a matte finish when I want creamy. They were simply never quite right. So when I heard about customised lipsticks I was excited to give it a try. Little did I know about just how detailed it could get!

I sat down with the lovely Elise to help concoct the lippy of my dreams. We started with general colour questions and to be honest from the first blend it seemed perfect. However, Elise encourage me to try it on in different lighting and I realised I wanted to go a bit deeper, so off she went mixing again. If you enjoy the beauty of how colours compliment one another (who knew fluoro pink would be in the mix!) then the process is really interesting, like art class for grown-ups.

Spoilt for Choice

The decision-making didn’t end with picking tones. I was pleased to find I could add a sheen (not glittery just something to catch the light) along with scents and a huge range of healthy additives.

I chose to include sunscreen, moisturiser and a multi-floral complex but the list of choices is huge. Just some of the extras you can have are:
-Anti-ager to prevent feathering
-Vanilla, blueberry, champagne or hundreds of other extracts for flavour
-Rose, gold or silver undertones to enhance the colour.


Then you can decide on the shape of your lipstick – I went for “gothic” simply because I’d not seen it before. There are different casings styles to choose from too, black for me as my makeup seems to get grubby and I’ll do whatever I can to minimise that.
Elise then blends up a big batch to pour into the gothic mould. The next step involves specialised machinery to speed up the setting process by using heating and cooling effects. Then voila! My very own lipstick that I get to name and The Lip Lab record all the details for future refills. It’s a very daring colour but it’s soothing on my dry winter lips and it’s EXACTLY the colour I was after.

The choices of blends are endless. I’m told many women try to match their natural tone for the perfect everyday lippy. Sounds wise to us because if you were ever going to get it right, it will be here at the Lip Lab.

Thanks for having me at your beautiful Orange spa, Estelle.
To find a Lip Lab near you click here.

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