Tried & Tested: Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing

Have you heard of fat freezing?

Well, technically it’s called Cryolipolysis.  It’s a process that uses cooling temperatures to effectively freeze and eliminate stubborn fat. Temps drop to approximately -9 degrees, a level which fat cells cannot survive, the cells crystalise and are “naturally eliminated from the body”. The claim is a 20-30% of permanent fat cell death in the area.

The treatment

You decide what area you want to focus on. Many do tummy and the good ol’ love handles. The process is a bit unusual but probably less invasive than a bikini wax, to be fair!  Lay back on the bed and a weighty device is put on your tummy with a tube attached. It can be a strange sensation having your tummy sucked up into the main chamber but not painful. Then, you wait. And the chosen treatment area gets colder and colder. The thought of it being below freezing is probably worse than the actual experience. It should be mentioned they use protective gel on the skin too! After about 20 mins they finish the treatment, take everything off and wipe you down. Some may experience moderate cramping but it’s different person to person.


Temporary, mild numbness may occur in the treatment area.  Good diet and exercise are advised as well as a healthy amount of water. And you stay on track until your 12-week milestone measurements. Yes, that’s it! No real down time at all.


We sent a staff member along to trial the treatment. Her results and words are below:

The measurements are taken in three spots, around the top of the abdomen, the centre and the lower belly.

86.5 cm around–> 85cm around (loss of 1.5)

86.5 cm around–> 83.5cm around (loss of 3 cm)

85 cm around–> 72cm around (loss of 13 cm)

“Hand on heart, I felt the difference in my clothes. There were times when I’d forgotten about the treatment and thought my exercise had miraculously started working after months of no progress on the stubborn tummy fat! It takes a while to feel it though, at least 8 weeks so it’s easy to suspect it’s not worked for a while. But you can feel a certain way and the results not reflect that so I was interested to see my final measurements. I was so pleased that the bottom of my stomach worked so well as that is where I have the most issues. I guess I had most to lose there so it was more effective.”

If you’ve already made a genuine effort to shift an area of fat that just won’t budge, it might be worth investigating freezing it away.

Learn more at Body Catalyst here.

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