TRIED & TESTED: Melli Cosmetics customised foundation at Smoke & Mirrors salon

We’ve heard a lot about customised foundation, it was always of interest, but the price remained too steep. The idea of having a formulation made up to specifically match your own skin was viewed as something for the celeb pack or elites. Well, that is no longer the case thanks to places like Smoke & Mirrors and their Melli Cosmetics foundation bar.

Images from Melli Cosmetics Instagram

So why would you want makeup made just for you? It’s not only about tone, there are so many factors that raise different concerns with skin. You may be drier than most, pigmentation may be higher, you need a glow or matte finish or have tricky areas like adult acne meaning its rare to find a truly perfect off-the-shelf foundation.

These are all considerations that play a role in how your bespoke blend is concocted by Claire and her talented team at Smoke & Mirrors. Though all the talent in the world won’t get you anywhere without the right product to work with. Thankfully, they’re well covered with Melli Cosmetics.  The premium cosmetics line enjoys a loyal celebrity following with their lipstick endorsed by Lisa Wilkinson, plus Shelly Horton and Milla Adams have confessed their love for this brand that is on-the-rise to cult status.

Images from Melli Cosmetics Instagram

It’s a no-brainer that they make mature skin sing again as bespoke blends can tackle a variety of concerns that come with age. To test the theory, we sent Vivienne to trail the service and she hasn’t looked back (or looked dull) since. For her, it was a lightbulb moment when you don’t realise what was wrong until you find something SO right. Vivienne says

“I now wear LESS makeup. I used to put extra layers on thinking it would do a better job and wind up with issues when it came to blending around my jawline. I now put very minimal makeup on and I get that coverage and glow that I was after, without feeling caked on. For everyday wear I just strategically place the foundation to cover my pink tones – mine was formulated to take out reds – and go au naturale with the rest. It’s the best foundation that’s ever been anywhere near my skin.”


Big thanks to Claire and the incredible Smoke & Mirrors team for having us in and sharing their wealth of knowledge. Check out our visit in the video below… suffice to say, we’re hooked.



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