Tried & Tested: Radio Frequency for Skin Tightening UPDATE

Like many women, we are curious about ways to get a little more firmness in our skin without surgery or needles. Injectables are fast becoming commonplace but if you’re not ready for that (and while injectables are fine, we suggest you look for alternatives before starting out with them) then perhaps treatments like radio frequency for skin tightening are for you.

“Radio Frequency energy stimulates collagen and elastin production, which tighten and strengthen the skin tissue causing an immediate contraction of skin tissue.”

It’s a new, non-invasive (and quite pleasant) procedure that can be used to tighten skin on the entire body. In fact, it’s really great for that stubborn area underarms or for those who have experienced weight loss but their skin didn’t follow suit.
To settle our curiosity, we’re trailing the treatment and over the coming weeks, we will be updating you on the results we’ve experienced using radio frequency skin tightening at Body Catalyst. You could say we were comfortable with this clinic purely because of the imagery they’re using on their website – a beautiful woman who doesn’t look “overdone”. It’s so refreshing to see faces and bodies that aren’t nipped and tucked within an inch of their lives across promotional materials for a beauty clinic. We mention these photos because we are told they were a very intentional choice and after our visit, we can see that they are portraying a sense of reassurance at Body Catalyst – you’re in good hands. The team are highly professional and it’s their mission to take a holistic approach to their clients care. As fully qualified nutritionists and beauty therapists, they are all about ensuring all aspects of your life are in order to assist in the greatest results. They provide a range of services including the famous fat-freezing Cryro (which we will touch on more later) and we love how frank they were when quoted as saying “there’s no magic bullet, but there sure are some clever tricks to leverage”.

Image: Body Catalyst’s beautifully refreshing campaign imagery.

In terms of what’s physically involved in our radio frequency treatments? Well, everything about our appointment was warm- the facilities, the staff and the treatment… that was really warm. There was some trepidation that it would be too hot (after hearing our skin temperate would warm up to 45 degrees) but who knew that would feel completely fine. We were slathered with a barrier cream that took some of the blow of the heat but all in all, it was a totally pleasant experience. Like a warm-towel face massage. I know right, sounds pretty good!
We’re told you can tell the difference after 1 round but for optimum results, a series of 8 is recommended. We’ll keep you posted on our journey to torte-ness and come back to you with week 1 pics.


One superb benefits gained from a clinic whose staff are so thoroughly trained is that during our short time spent there we picked up all of these great little nuggets of advice that we thought worth sharing:
1) If your iron levels are a touch low, but not low enough to require supplements, add lemon or vinegar on meals- it helps extract the optimum amount of iron from food.
3) Get more healthy fats in your diet instead of coffee if you’re feeling rundown. Peanut butter and celery is a great snack full of healthy fats that will energise your body more than another cup of the hot brew.
4) Baffled by all of the conflicting advice on how much water we’re supposed to drink? Recommended daily water intake is 30ml per kg of body weight. So don’t fret about chugging gallons if you’re petite, it will only make you feel bloated and do more damage than good.

Thanks for those tips, Body Catalyst gals, Hannah and Tatijan! xx

UPDATE 26/07/18: Here we are. Just past the halfway mark now and absolutely thrilled with the results. What do you think? Thanks to a busy schedule we’ve done these last treatments fortnightly, which is also within the recommended timeframe. Pretty chuffed to feel this improved already. We will never report back with the grand finale! Latest pics below –


UPDATE 10/07/18 : We’re excited to share our first set of progress shots with you. This is after 3 of the 8 recommended treatments. We can absolutely see and feel the difference and we’re excited to see what the final results will be considering we aren’t even at the halfway mark as yet. The biggest surprise would be the fine lines lifting around the smile/dimples area plus a general look of wellness – a huge feat for winter! We will report back after the next two sessions but so far, so great!


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