Beautiful Brights for trans-seasonal dressing

It’s a scientific fact that colour has an effect on our mood. Given the happy vibes felt when wearing a fun outfit these bright buys give new meaning to the term retail therapy. We often advise women to have an uplifting top or dress to throw on for those dull days or a tough Monday morning. When you’re feeling under the weather, tired or just a bit over it the right rich tone will put some colour back into your cheeks and trick your mind into thinking you’re doing better than you feel. This isn’t the be all and end all but every little bit helps. And of course, punchy colours are perfect for celebrations too! Whether you revel in playing with colour or are just branching out, the only thing brighter than these looks would be your smile.

  1. Not sure you will find anything that saves your style rut like a statement tunic. Throw on your favourite tights or jeans and let the coloured top do the talking. Bonus if you have some fab bright shoes to add to the mix but otherwise this is still a pretty and easily-acheived look.
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Rockmans tunic currently on sale for $20

Zara low heels $79.95

Millers top $40

Django & Juliette boots @ Styletread $189.95

2. Yellow is our happy place. It’s not a colour for everyone but remember not all yellows are created equal. You may suit a soft lemon more than a canary yellow but that all comes down to trial and error. We won’t pigeonhole skin tones because the colour of your hair, eyes, makeup all come into play and there are always exceptions to these rules. We’d recommend one rule though… enjoy your clothes as much as this lady below and you’re always going to get it right.

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Get the look:

Cotton On cropped pants $17.95

Boohoo check pants $20.40

W.Lane Yellow necklace $34.95 // W.Lane Yellow and black necklace $25

Zara trousers $99

3. More yellow! But what we wanted to point out with this outfit below is the sunglasses. Want to know a little styling trick that fashion editors have been using in summer editorials for years? Mirrored sunglasses. They give an instant summer vibe and bring another dimension to a look. They’re definitely not for the races or an elegant wedding but look perfect for a casual-chic beachy look.

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Get the look:

Millers yellow tank $15 

Desert Sunglass Warehouse $12.95


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Seed Heritage pants $129.95 and Seed Heritage blouse $79.95

Trenery navy polka dot shirt $129.95

5. If you find a statement blouse, love the colour, love the print and love the cut… pay the money and take care of it. This top could be incorporated into an office with tailored suiting and low heels, worn open over a tonal dress, tucked into a pretty skirt for a special lunch or dare to pair with shimmery palazzo pants for a formal event. And then there is the stylish fallback combo of white jeans and sandals that we all know and love.

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Gorman graphic print shirt $135.20


Amber Rose bracelet @ Rockmans $12.49

W. Lane blue blouse $30

6. Finding a summer day dress that has sleeves and is still smart is not an easy task but we think these shirt dresses fit the bill perfectly. We love them because they are perfect for the woman who doesn’t like to wear wrap dresses or straight style frocks – the shirt dress is fitted but not clingy and sharp as a tack. Add a vibrant print to that and you’ve got yourself your next go-to dress for a variety of occasions.

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Boden Clothing dress $150


Kmart sunglasses $5

Big W red dress $25 

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