Independent Australian label, Duke & King launch

We talk a lot about ageless fashion – it’s when clothing can be anything the wearer wants it to be and it’s how we’d describe Kate Griffin’s, new label Duke & King. It’s the irresistible, loose-fit cuts, the muted tones and the fun, but not overbearing, prints that we envision on women of all ages.

It certainly helps that sustainability is at the heart of Duke & King. No longer a buzzword or a “lifestyle choice” many shoppers expect environmentally-conscious clothing options and any designer worth their weight will be able to hold their own when the inevitable eco-inquisition comes. Owner, Kate is proud of the brand’s transparency and garments (including exclusive prints) are designed and manufactured in Melbourne.
Not only is the design process very green, so are the actual designs. The direction the styles take is created to keep in line with the “slow fashion” movement- meaning it’s not about trends, it’s about getting years of wear out of high-quality pieces.

We particularly loved just how comfortable every piece is and Kate says:

“Core to our design process is to create quality tran-seasonal pieces that provide our customers with all-year-round versatile wardrobe essentials that can be worn for work or play. Incorporating natural fibres such as cotton, linen & wool into wearable styles ensures that every Duke & King item is both comfortable & made to last”


We welcome Kate’s beautiful label to the fashion landscape and hope to catch her designs on our next street style adventure.

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Duke and King launch party


Kate, Duke and King owner (left)

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