Looking for a cosy winter coat? Head to Salvo’s for affordable feel-good fashion.

We have always enjoyed rummaging for vintage finds. For us, it’s not just about the bargain but the unique pieces you can find in a charity store. It also happens to be right on trend with the push against fast fashion – it doesn’t get more ethically sourced than second-hand.

Although many women love to wear all vintage, we like to mix our current pieces with thrifty treasures and that is what we’ve done here. After one fruitful visit to our local Salvation Army store, we left with some amazing buys to mix into our winter wardrobe.

Here, the Savlo’s items Vivienne is modelling are:

  • an incredibly warm shearling button up coat (we’ve seen similar in stores this season for $200+) just $10
  • blue graphic, cotton scarf – perfect to inject life into your basics and literally spare change at $1

Accessories are a brilliant item to search for if you’re not much for digging through racks of clothes. You may be quite content with your favourite jeans or outerwear but looking for something extra to mix things up or add colour. You’d be amazed at the stunning range of scarves at most charity stores – even pure silk! And the bag collection… when you find a goodie, it’s a great feeling. Maybe it’s time to do some shopping, not just dropping, on your next Salvo’s visit. Even if you leave empty handed, you will be reminded that they certainly don’t make them like they used to.


Remaining store-bought items that Vivienne is wearing are:

Cotton On Sunglasses $19.95

Rockmans knit $59.99

Milana @ David Jones gloves $89.95

Jeanswest jeans $89.99

Django & Juliette boots @ Styletread $189.95


See full-size images:

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