Luxury footwear with soul comes to Australia

They say good business stems from seeing a gap in the market and exploiting it. Products born out of a need or a desire that can’t be fulfilled are often successful. Which is why we’re predicting Nikki Holloway’s shoe store, The Nowhere Nation looks in good shape to do well. Having travelled extensively, Nikki saw the footwear options around the globe that Australia was lacking. Across Europe, women were spoilt by endless options of supreme quality, high-end and unique shoes. Sure, we can get our hands on plenty of designer pieces (at inflated prices) but they’re all a bit same ol’. Whereas Nikki’s statement that her range is “luxury with soul” has us screaming hallelujah, we believe! The carefully curated range stretches from pairs of beautiful, classic investment boots to bold colours and styles in heels and slides- these are the kind of shoe that MAKE the outfit and also make us go ga-ga.

Although The Nowhere Nation has a slick website with Australia-wide fast delivery, we love that Nikki also has a store. Nikki says “I wanted the store to be like a salon so people can come and feel the experience of shopping for a designer shoe whether they are in New York, Paris, Milan or now Mosman”.
Passionate about slow fashion, every style on shelves is made from the highest quality materials available and is to be viewed as a lifetime purchase.
The only downside is how do you choose from these beauties? The flats are gorgeous and we’re really pleased to see the heels are all blocks! So much more comfortable than our days in stilettoes- au revoir to those! And bonjour to beautiful luxury.

The Nowhere Nation
Shop 1, 706 Military Road, Mosman

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