Buying glasses with Carla Zampatti


Window Shopping with Carla Zampatti.

If eyes are the window to your soul then that makes glasses some very important window dressing. But when the prescription is up and it’s time to venture out for a new pair of specs, it can be a little daunting. The decision-making process can be tedious in a store with 100’s of frames. Our first tip would be to take a trusted friend to help guide your choices. The second suggestion is to chat with one of Australia’s most legendary designers for her buying tips. While we can’t provide you with the friend, we can provide you with the one and only Carla Zampatti’s insights into choosing your next pair of frames.


What do you look for when choosing a pair of sunglasses or specs?

“Shape is the most important thing I look at before buying glasses. I almost don’t mind what it is made from as long as the shape is both flattering and comfortable. They are the two elements that are a must-have, then I look for quality.

Remember that glasses are the most important accessory. The handbag is just to show off to other people, I think. But adding something to your face, your eyes, the most precious part of you, says something.

When I am designing I keep these two main elements in mind and think about different face shapes and different sizes and how they will work. And so far, it has been really rewarding seeing how good they look on different women.”


What should we keep in mind when choosing specs to pair with eveningwear?

“Consider something a bit more glamorous than your everyday specs for eveningwear and something a little different. There is one pair in my range, they’re black with gold tipping that I think are magical, absolutely gorgeous. I would wear those for evenings-  particularly with a cream-coloured outfit, that would look divine.

What do you do about the red marks glasses leave on your cheeks or nose?

“If glasses are leaving red marks on your cheeks it’s because they are not fitting you properly, they are too big. Go to Specsavers as they really take a lot of trouble to make sure the fit is right.

Sometimes red marks are left on your nose if you wear them all day, as I do. I just get a bit of makeup and dabble the red spot with a tiny bit of foundation or whitener. Think of it just like touching up your lips.

We just want classic sunglasses that go with literally everything. What should we look for?

“The Aviator is eternally stylish. The quality of the aviator style in our range is beautiful and they always look very classy. I would say that is my standby one. It definitely adds personality.


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