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Hard times can gradually sneak up on us or it can be one fateful moment that turns our whole world around. A diagnosis, a dreaded phone call, redundancies or hard news – it can be one thing or a mountain of them. No-one is immune. We could all find ourselves in a situation when it’s time to ask for help. The asking can be the hardest part but thankfully there are people and organisations that can do just that.

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Dressed for Success step in at a pivotal time for women, predominately when they’re looking for employment. We recently met with the team and discussed their fastest-growing client group – women over 45. More mature-aged women are living with less than ever before. This doesn’t always mean clients are below the poverty line, but we all know that doesn’t mean their lives are free of serious struggles. When coming to Dressed for Success, these women are usually re-entering the workforce after extended periods being a carer. This can be caring for children, partners or even elderly parents. Clients can be looking for their first skill set to gain employment or be fully qualified in a profession they haven’t worked in for a while. Their experiences vary but their job interviews do not – they feel the age discrimination. From overt comments about physical capabilities for simple tasks or continuing to miss out to younger candidates.

Dressed for Success assist women to set their employment goals in place and help them present best for achieving them. An on-site styling team (of wonderful volunteers) will dress clients for interviews and send them off with a confidence that may have been lacking. While self-belief does come from the inside it certainly doesn’t hurt if the outside can give a boost too. Looking in the mirror and seeing someone you believe looks like the perfect candidate is a powerful first step.

This video, products by BT Financial, as it sums up the emotional and rewarding journey that Dressed for Success can go on with their clients.


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While Dressed for Success does a great deal of work with women on their journey to employment, their services aren’t exclusively limited to job seekers. We were surprised to learn of their Pack and Send services which takes a strong focus on rural communities. If you’re in contact with a local agency who are assisting you with anything like important life events, court appearances, new employment or getting on your feet, you can discuss this service with them and Dressed for Success can send a curated selection of clothes to help your journey to betterment begin.

Dressed for Success – how you can get involved

If you want to help you can also donate clothes or money, organise donation drives, volunteer, attend a jumble sale or simply spread the word. Many women aren’t aware of the range of services on offer for women who are experiencing varying levels of hardship. Please help spread the word and do what women do best, reach out to those who need assistance and simply ask for help if you need it. It was pointed out to us that many clients believe there is always someone else who deserves it more than them. That may be the case, and it’s very admirable, but if you suspect you could do with this service then you do deserve it also.

Head to the global Dressed for Success page here and search in the top left-hand corner to find your local affiliate.

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