TK Maxx – the only way to buy designer brands

Do you have a TK Maxx near you? The UK chain landed in Australia over a year ago now and we can confirm that we’ve done our research and we are officially fans. They’re a discount retailer who buys stock directly from a huge array of designers and sells them for a fraction of the cost. They typically procure the goods because of an oversupply issue from the supplier or many different reasonings, like they decided not to run with that particular line, however, it is never because the stock is faulty. TK Maxx negotiates bulk buys from the designer and disperses the goods to their local stores, usually at more than 50% off. Everything still has the original labels so you know its legitimate (they’re never cheap knock-offs) but as a courtesy to their suppliers, they don’t mention the brands in their advertisements. You can generally see the original retail price on the tag which is very satisfying though!

Given the scale and turnover of clothing, the shopping experience is a little different from most. You have to be “up for” shopping when you got into a TK Maxx store. The clothes are organised into item categories first (dresses on one wall, tops the next etc.) and then divided into sizes. You need to be patient and do some searching through racks but you can snag some real treasures.

If you’re not up for the effort of clothes shopping, then can we strongly suggest popping into your local TK Maxx for gifting or homewares. They have everything from fun Kris Kringle trinkets to a mind-blowing choice of cushions, vases and accessories for your house. Oh, and their linen is amazing! Also worth taking the man in your life to TK Maxx first if they’re in the market for a suit. Fabulous quality suiting doesn’t come cheap but we’ve spied some high-end brands that you’d expect to pay $2K for at $300. Yep, that’s right!

It may not look like much from the entrance but we encourage a closer look at TK Maxx if you haven’t already. You can find your local store clicking here.

Below are just some of our recent snags…

TK MAXX skirt $39.95 // Salvation Army Store top $5 // Target earrings $8
TK MAXX skirt $39.95 // Salvation Army Store top $5 // Target earrings $8


TK MAXX dress $39.95 // Kmart sandals $7 // Kmart belt $8



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