Welcome to Bold and Bright Jewellery-Lovers Paradise

We have a quick-fire chat with dutch jewellery designer Siska Schippers to discuss her joyful and infectious style which makes her brand, Zsiska just so special.

How would you describe your style? Our jewellery can be described as “Northern European” influenced which is well-loved by clients who prefer pieces that are bold but yet not too overly designed.
Do your designs reflect your personal taste? Yes, as an art, nature, and animal lover, the majority of our collections take inspirations from my personal passions.
How important are accessories to make a look? Accessories are part of a wardrobe which allows one’s personality to be a part of the look.  It allows a woman to personalise her style.
Do you think we become more adventurous with fashion as we age? I think it’s very true.  Most of us gain more confidence and become much more comfortable in our own skin as we age.  Most of us are now dressing and accessorising to make ourselves happy rather than try to please others.  It is time to express our uniqueness through accessories.

Snapshot of the fabulous designs available on the Zsiska website.

If you’d like to see more of this fun brand you can visit their website by clicking here.

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