Your Review: Follower, Daniele styles UGG Express loafers

We’re excited to announce a new type of feature for Smart. Casual. Classic called, ‘Your Reviews’! This is when one lucky follower becomes the expert and shares their thoughts on a product we have gifted to them. We’re very fortunate that brands often offer clothes, shoes or beauty products and we thought it best to share the love! We know that we have incredibly stylish women amongst us, so we would love to see how you are wearing these pieces and share your looks with our audience. Fair to say we weren’t disappointed with our first results…

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Please welcome our stylish follower, Daniele as the first Smart. Casual. Classic ‘Your Reviewer’!

First up is fabulous Daniele and she is styling the UGG Express Square Buckle Sally loafers in cream. These shoes have a great little detail where you can fold the back heel down and wear them as slides for a weekend look or fully enclosed loafer for 9-5 outfits. The eternally stylish loafer, especially in this soft cream tone, can amplify a chic, preppy look or smarten up a linen day look. We adore that Daniele has provided us with so many gorgeous images, further proving their versatility and we love those soft spring tones – it must be getting warm in Queensland where Daniele is! Thank you for being the first Your Reviewer, Daniele. You’ve knocked it out of the park! Scroll on to see Daniele’s great style skills and read her review…

over 50 fashion
Daniele has cleverly layered under this jumpsuit for a wearing outfit.
over 50 fashion
Double-animal print! This works thanks to the gentle tones. Fun outfit, Daniele!
over 50 fashion
This mustard looks great with Daniele’s silver hair tone and a bright lip. The loafes really smarten up this look too.
over 50 fashion
Daniele clearly understands her shape and scale – oversized top, balanced by a tight pencil skirt and elongated with that fabulous necklace!

“Thank you #uggexpress #ugg_express_australia and Rebecca O’Hearn for sending me a pair of these fabulous UGG Express shoes to style and play with. They are sooo soft and comfy, and are so light and easy to wear. They were also easy to style with the varied mix of pieces from my wardrobe 🤗. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have fun with them” – Daniele

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Show off your shoes and go for a simple look like this.
over 50 fashion
We might need to run out and find some natural beaded jewellery like Daniele’s.

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7 thoughts on “Your Review: Follower, Daniele styles UGG Express loafers”

  1. They look amazing with all the different outfitsDaniele teamed them with. Where can we buy them please.

  2. Wow how amazing does Danielle look in showing us all how one pair of beautiful shoes can go with so many different outfit choices

  3. Danielle looks great with the different out fits perfect to show if the fabulous loafers

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