Motto: The Brand You Need to Know More About

Are you familiar with Motto? If you are, you already know you’re going to love this feature. If you aren’t, check it out and learn exactly why they’re so popular for women of all ages. It’s finally the mature fashion that we deserve! All the edge and trends we like but with thoughtful and flattering cuts. Yesss!

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Second-Hand Finds: The Leopard Print Trend

This evening we’re sharing our latest treasures found at our local Salvation Army store. We were in and out in 20 minutes and snagged these pieces┬áto mix back into our current wardrobe. We didn’t go in looking for leopard print but the first top caught our eye and next thing you know we’re styling a …

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Who’s that brand?

Do you ever ask someone where they got their lovely clothes from and are surprised by the answer because you never thought of that brand in a particular way?

We believe it’s time to shake up our idea of what certain brands look like and put some thought into the styling of key pieces so that you too will be asked about what you’re wearing.

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