How to nail a smart casual look and save money. Hint: by shopping second-hand!

Did our previous post not yet convince you to try out second-hand shopping? Then checkĀ out these finds! The items Vivienne is wearing from our local Salvation Army store are:

  • Black, double-lined, water-proof trench, $10
  • Silk neck scarf, $1
  • Emerald, structured bag, $8

Remaining store-bought items:

We are really happy with the result! As you can imagine, jeans can be a tough one to buy from an op-shop but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look. But if you have your favourite pair and feel like a seasonal update, you can always look for vintage accessories or looser items (like this trench) where you don’t have to be as concerned about fit.

We’d love to hear about your unearthed treasures! Please comment below, pictures welcome!






2 thoughts on “How to nail a smart casual look and save money. Hint: by shopping second-hand!”

  1. I’ve found so many awesome things in salvos, vinnies and lifeline…..more specifically
    – city chic formal dress was being sold in store at the time for $180 found at salvos for $5
    – beautiful camilla inspired kafan maxi dress $10 from lifeline

    Not to mention all the beautiful accessories etc I have acquired over the last few months.
    I honestly can wait to go opshopping with my bestie in a few weeks

    • It’s a good feeling when you find a beaut! And so positive on so many levels.
      They sound like some amazing purchases. Sounds like our kind of day out- enjoy!


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