5 Easy Tips to Give Volume to Limp Hair

We recently went along to Adilla Colab Salon for a special Revlon launch event and to get some seriously simple tips on how to inject volume into limp hair. We weren’t seeking hair that defies gravity, just that little extra oomph that seems lift your face along with it. A touch of volume can work wonders so we are happy to share the most basic ways we could give our locks a little boost.

  • If you have short hair, use a small barrel brush for styling, this will naturally lift your locks.
  • Consider a light mousse for styling and setting and look for words like “volumizer” on the can. If you still prefer to set with hairspray then take consideration in the type of hairspray you’re using as they’ve significantly changed in recent years. Be sure took for light, brushable formulations and avoid super strong holds.
  • Use a lightweight mousse and a small barrel brush
  • Flip your head over and point your blow-dryer towards the ground while drying. If flipping your head over is difficult then stay upright and pull hair up and direct your dryer upwards.
  • Don’t even pick up a brush until your hair is at least 80% dry! Use your hands and fingers to bolster your hair while you get it almost entirely dry. Then use your brush for the remaining 20% of drying and styling.
  • Change your part line when drying. Say you like to part your hair to the right? Then flip your hair in the opposite direction for drying. This will lift the root and create volume. Then flip it back into your natural part for the last short blast of styling.

Then… voila!

Hair with a touch of volume
Volume: not too little, not too much.

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