How Will The Beauty Industry Make it Safe to Return to Business

It’s the burning question – how safe will it be to return to my usual treatments now that beauty salon restrictions are lifted? We are sure individual salons will differ but you will be pleased to know there are state-based government guidelines that must be followed. It’s becoming apparent to us that many clinics are going above and beyond those guidelines to ensure they protect the health of their staff as well as clients. It’s up to us to be responsible for our own health too and it’s great to see individuals and private enterprise take it a step further.

One of the businesses preparing to welcome back non-health related customers is Northern Sydney Dermatology and Laser. The team of practitioners have a strong outline for the near future and the path to our new normal. They have been successfully carrying out virtual appointments throughout this pandemic and will continue to offer this service even as in-person consultations pick up. It’s worth noting that the team at this particular clinic are all qualified dermatologists. If you want to feel like you’re in the safest hands possible we suggest doing your research on the expertise at your local clinic. Even if they are not qualified doctors make sure you ask questions. This kind of proactive approach to your health will also ease the mind of the staff because you’re proving to be a responsible and much-valued client – don’t feel like a nuisance. Take care all and enjoy our chat with Dr Wines.

Dr Wines of Sydney Northern Dermatology and Laser clinic:

What preparations at Sydney Northern Dermatology and Laser clinic are being made to welcome back clients?

Northern Sydney Dermatology has adapted from day one of the Covid-19 changes. As we are an essential service we remained open for all urgent skin cancer and chronic conditions. We moved to Telehealth and Video consultations wherever possible.

We took immediate action. Our Business Manager created a clear Pandemic Protocol in accordance with the daily guidelines from NSW Health and the Health Minister. This ensured that our team and our patients were safe and informed.

We are very well prepared for the increase in patients seeking Dermatological services with us. When you have worked through the peak of Covid-19 and remained operational as well as safe you feel ready for anything ahead.

What will clients need to do differently to make it a safe workplace?

Our protocols have and continue to include :

  • Temperature checks upon arrival
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Limiting the patient numbers at any one time
  • Correct PPE for all staff
  • Patients need to ensure that they don’t come to see us if they have any ill health of any kind.
  • Keep a safe distance at all times
  • Patients need to follow our internal procedures when they are in the practice.

Will treatments differ and if so how? 

Now that the restrictions are easing we will see a return to our Laser Dermatology and some Cosmetic treatments. We will be wearing more PPE than in previous times and of course no handshakes. The focus is to continue to keep our increased level of Safety measures in place whilst ensuring patients are cared for.

Will the clinic be offering the full range of treatments at first?

We are easing back into our full range of treatments over the next few months. Limiting numbers and ensuring everything we do is performed in accordance with the recommended health guidelines.

What can clients do at home now to prepare for laser treatments like Fraxel and Thermage?

We have seen many of our patients stay connected with us through Video Consultations in our Dermal Clinic. Our team has ensured that our patients are taking care of their skin using correct actives and prepping their skin for laser treatments such as Fraxel and Thermage. We created home care skin kits too and they were very popular.

Dr Nina Wines Principal Dermatologist BSc MBBS DRANZCOG FACD

What have you missed most about not having clients in the clinic?

Our lovely Patients! When you have been in business for ten years your patients are part of your life. Not being able to see them and assist them as usual has been the hardest part.

Will there be reasons to turn clients away? I

f a patient has a temperature above 37.4 they will be asked to seek testing or to self-isolate. We also have a Covid-19 questionnaire upon entry to assist our team in keeping everyone safe.

Do you expect the industry may have things such as client health agreements or waivers for treatments now?

I can only speak on what we are doing at Northern Sydney Dermatology. Its starts and ends with keeping everyone safe. We have always had and continue to have strict hygiene, patient screening checks and measures in place. COVID-19 has reinforced the need to continue to be vigilant. If a patient is not a good candidate for any treatment or procedure we would not proceed. We are so glad to have our patients returning and our wonderful team have remained so positive and upbeat through all of this, even on the hardest days.

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