Tried & Tested: Mavala Switzerland Nutri-Elixir Skincare Range

We have collaborated with our friend, Lara from Beauty Over 40 on an incredibly fun assignment, trialling the Mavala Switzerland Nutri-Elixir Skincare Range! It’s a tough gig, but we were up for the task at hand. We’re both familiar with the Mavala range so the opportunity was one we gladly jumped at because this is a brand that consistently blows your socks off.

So, who are Mavala?

Founded in Switzerland, their highly efficacious range of products are renowned amongst those who won’t settle for mediocre- they are the consumers who want formulations that make a noticeable difference. Whilst the beauty range is lauded for double-barrelled actions like care and colour, Mavala is truly famed for developing treatments that quite simply work. Nail care that will revive the state of the most neglected paws, an eyelash serum that will cause issues wearing sunglasses it’s so good, and truly moisturising lipsticks that nurture so well that you can toss out your lip balm. Yes, even in winter. If you’re a “nails girl” and invest time or money into caring for your hands and nails, then you’d probably already be aware that this is the brand for nail health. Deriving from Switzerland and harnessing the power of botanicals that survive their extreme conditions, it’s no wonder the quality is superior to many of its counterparts.

What is the new range we are trialling today?

Mavala Switzerland Nutri-Elixir Skincare Range is like a healthy shot of green juice for mature skin. Keywords that make us pay attention – density, bounce, elasticity and glow. Why? Because skin quality is at the core of improved appearance. It has nothing to do with fewer wrinkles or raised cheekbones, if you care for your dermis, just like your body, and feed it the best ingredients, then you will look radiant.

It’s Mavala’s patented pro-lipid booster that delivers that supple skin feeling that we all crave. Swiss Linseed oil coupled with Omega 3, 6 and 9 replenish dull, dehydrated skin plus a powerhouse of botanicals as well as vegetal oil to do the smoothing. It’s delicious.

Lara, the authority on mature beauty and editor of the blog, Beauty Over 40

What We Thought of the product:

“I’ve been using the entire range for 6 weeks now, and I think my skin looks so much younger than before – denser, more elastic, and it is just glowing with health and vitality. You only need to use a small amount of any of the three products, so they will last a long time. If you are finding your skin is experiencing dryness, and looking thinner, more fragile, and showing its age, I highly recommend trying the Mavala Nutri-Elixir range.”

– Lara, editor – Beauty Over 40
Editor, Rebecca Smart. Casual. Classic.

“The improvement was immediate. I began my trial in the evening with the Anti-Age Nutrition Essential Serum and then the Anti-Age Nutrition Absolute Night Balm and we all know there is nothing like the feeling of a quality night product. I’m pleased to report the Anti-Age Nutrition Ultimate Cream for Face & Eyes was equally satisfying and my overall complexion noticeably benefited from the first application. Socials restrictions have meant I’ve worn less makeup and really become familiar with my true skin behaviour. The introduction of a complete nurturing range means my skin is singing. It’s also worth noting that the packaging is a generous size so there is a lot of value in the price compared to competitors at similar price points.”

Rebecca, editor – Smart. Casual. Classic.
If you enjoy all things beauty and are looking for relatable advice from a reliable source then please do check out Lara at the Beauty Over 40 website or Facebook page.

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  1. The Mavala products sound good. Yes price is reasonable as you pay $30 for a small liar of face cream and more


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