Do Cleansing Oils Work? Will it Clog Pores? Cleansing Oil Myths & Facts

Ella Bache’s National Training Manager, Gina Cook helps us break down the facts from fiction when it comes to the much-hyped cleansing oil trend. Don’t dismiss it as a product that is not for you until you read this.

Will it make my skin feel oily?
No, generally a well-made cleansing oil will emulsify with water. This means that it doesn’t leave an oily residue. Our Botanical Cleansing Oil is gentle and effective at removing impurities while it conditions and rebalances. Oils are particularly good at rebuilding the skins barrier function.

Will it cause a breakout?
No – but you need to make sure it’s removed correctly. We recommend massaging it over the face then using damp facial sponges, wipes or cotton pads – these will remove all impurities and leave the skin feeling normalised.

You also need to be consistent with the use of a cleanser, making sure to cleanse regularly. If your cleanser is only used sporadically, you’ll potentially break out in between uses.

Will it still clean as thoroughly?
Cleansing oils are excellent at removing surface impurities and makeup. They’re fantastic as a first cleanse in a double cleansing ritual, for a thorough deep cleanse, 2 steps are recommended.

Do I still need regular cleanser as well?
Ella Baché’s Botanical Cleansing oil is a great all-rounder nutrient rich, plant based cleanser. Cranberry and Pomegranate oils assist with balancing excess sebum levels.

Most oils however are not PH balanced, while they do a fantastic job of normalising the skin by removing impurities, our recommendation is to do a second cleanse with something that’s specifically designed to your skins PH whether you’re oily or dry, especially for particularly oily skin.

Do I need a separate Body and face oil?
Ella Baché’s Floral Oil Face and Body Cleansing Oil is a fantastic all-over moisturising, soothing and nourishing cleansing oil that’s fantastic when used in the shower or for a rich, spa-like cleanse as it leaves a silky-smooth protective veil on the skin.

For a daily cleanser, however, we recommend our Botanical Cleansing Oil that’s specifically designed for the face. Many all-over face and body cleansing oils don’t emulsify so they’re not ideal to use on the face as a regular daily cleanser.

I’ve recently added a cleansing oil to my beauty regime. During these harsher weather conditions and I have seen a noticeable change in glow and elasticity.

– Smart. Casual. Classic. editor, Rebecca

So, what cleansing oils are out there that we recommend? Why not try these beauties at varying price points.

For those who truly appreciate quality, this baby will go the distance: Elle Bache Botanical Cleansing Oil $55.20
Touted as the skincare of choice for the mature customer, Paula’s Choice Perfect Cleaning Oil $35.99
Perfect for those with sensitive skin: Avene Xera Calm A.D Cleansing Oil $35.95
Why not try a hyped product from a very hyped brand, The Ordinary gel-to-oil cleaner $13.90
Test the oils with an entry level price from Palmers Facial Cleansing Oil $10.39

All prices correct at time of publising.

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