Tried & Tested: Andalou Naturals Stem Cell Age Defying Hair Care

We’re back to try the products you’re interested in and report our findings. Joined by beauty-brainiac, Lara from Beauty Over 40 we are looking into a new haircare range that helps fight much-maligned, but very common age-related hair loss.

Lara says: It’s a sad and well-known fact that as we age our hair starts to thin and becomes more brittle, prone to snapping and breakage. If you start pre-menopause and menopause with fine, thin hair, the cards are really stacked against you (me). Anything that promises to help strengthen and thicken hair has my interest, and I was really pleased to be able to trial and review the Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Thinning Hair System.

The 3 products in the Thinning Hair System Kit – the full-sized Shampoo, Conditioner, and mini Scalp Intensive are designed to work in harmony to help hair follicle vitality, for stronger, thicker hair strands, with less breakage, and reduced hair fall. The end result should be noticeably fuller looking hair, with amplified body, volume and shine.  As I’ve gone through pre-menopause, I’ve experienced all of these, so I was hoping the products lived up to the hype.

Now, down to the trial, and what I thought of the range. I used the range whilst on holidays and at home, in 3 different water types – hard with minerals, regional water supply, and Capital City water, so I gave the range a good work out. I’ve been using the range for a month now – so what did I find? My hair became fuller, and stronger looking after the first wash – it often takes 2-3 washes with a new range for my hair to respond. It felt smooth and looked hydrated and nourished. I have noticed less hair fall, so it looks like my follicles are stronger (I haven’t had this professionally analysed to check), and I have noticed less hair breakage and snapping (it was quite bad at one point before I started the trial – I couldn’t run my hands through my hair without breakage – common at my stage of life, but not wanted). Overall, I have found my hair looks much fuller, and seems to be much stronger and healthier. I do still have some breakage, so I’m continuing to use the range until it’s finished to see if this improves even further. It should be noted that this is a result for my hair type –  very fine hair, and pre-menopause stage of life, and individual results may vary. It may take longer to see results, depending on your hair type and damage starting point.”

If you are finding your hair is fine, thinning, and starting to show signs of damage and loss of strength, I do recommend trying the Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Thinning Hair System.  Argan Stem Cell Thinning Hair System Kit – Contains Age Defying Shampoo 340ml, Age Defying Conditioner 340ml, Scalp Intensive 62ml RRP $39.99. Products are sold individually.

If you enjoy all things beauty and are looking for relatable advice from a reliable source then please do check out Lara at the Beauty Over 40 website or Facebook page.

Rebecca, editor Smart. Casual. Classic says “I have always had hair in abundance. Until lately. I’ve admittedly been relaxed with my hair care during COVID lockdowns and thought this sparse feeling might be due to a bit of recent neglect whereas truthfully it’s been coming for a while. The dryness of my hair has increased at the same time so the lengths have expanded while the top was thinning out. This is the balance that returned after using Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Thinning Hair System. The heaviness was lifted from the roots which gave a fuller appearance and that elusive volume that I crave. I saw an improvement in my hair that actually motivated me to go an get a haircut as I could see some potential to fight the flat, exposed scalp look. My hair now feels slightly fuller and lifted which lessens the appearance of my newly-thinning hair. I typically leave a full handful of strands in a brush after washing and blowdrying my hair and I’ve also noticed this has lessened slightly – there is less hair on everything in the house which is a great sign. And that makes my husband happy 🙂

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