Tried & Tests: New Australian-Made Beauty, Bohemian Skin Exfoliant

If a new product comes on the market that has visible results, is certified as organic and is Australian-made and owned then we sit up and listen. Born out of a desire for the safest products to use during pregnancy, the Bohemian Skin Exfoliant range has naturally become a much-loved skincare range for all stages of life. In later life, just life during pregnancy, your skin may become more sensitive to products you’ve used for years or menopause may cause you to toss aside all of your preconceived notions about your skin needs. If that is the case, pulling back and re-starting with clean skincare is the best way to clearly assess what currently works for you. Whether or not you are experiencing skin issues we’re thrilled to share this beautiful little Aussie brand with you and we have invited Vivienne to give them a trial. Check out her results!

Vivienne before starting the range

Prior to using the Bohemian Skin range, Vivienne was using a granular scrub twice weekly plus morning and evening moisturiser since her late teens. Vivienne has recently been diagnosed by her GP with mild rosacea and has naturally freckly skin.

“I was really surprised by the change in my skin. To be honest, I didn’t expect much difference at all. It has helped with my redness and overall complexion and my skin feels really good.”

– Vivienne

We’re really quite impressed with Vivienne’s results. The product we are pinpointing is the AHA Enzyme Exfoliant above all. AHA is a brilliant active ingredient that releases the bonds that retain dull skin. This helps with everything from pigmentation, luminosity and leaves a smoother surface reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Pretty amazing right? This is a highly-preferred product over traditional scrubs that are sand-like and thick. All recent advice is to ditch those scrubs immediately and instead use AHA foliants or even Glycolic ‘peels’.

Vivienne also said the moisturiser felt light but effectively nourishing and as it was her fist time using a gel cleanser there was less of an inflamed feeling after washing. Sounds like a lovely trio of products and all true-blue Aussie 🦘🦘🦘

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  1. Was very impressed with Bohemian cleanser has made a big difference in a couple of weeks. My skin is smother and makeup spreads easily, actually I can go with out makeup to get groceries and not worried about it. I have more confidence


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