Geraldine’s grey hair makeover and masterclass

Yesterday, we shared Geraldine’s makeup consultation with Pablo at M.A.C. as she allows her natural grey hair to grow.

Our next stop on Geraldine’s road to embracing her grey was at renowned Sydney salon, Barney Martin and into the very capable hands of senior stylist, Andrew.
Above all, Geraldine has requested a “no fuss” cut. Something that takes little effort and Geraldine says she prefers her hair short.

Before cut
Before cut

Andrew says he is removing the bulk to activate the curl and make her hair more manageable – Geraldine will now style with the curl instead of trying to tame it. She should use her fingers, instead of a brush to style from now on. However, it would help if she brushes her hair before a shower as this stimulates her scalp in preparation for washing. Andrew has also trimmed the sides to thin Geraldine’s silhouette out and worked with height. This also follows the natural direction of Geraldine’s hair and makes styling a breeze.

Making Magic
Making Magic

The verdict: Geraldine says

“I usually ask my hairdresser to cut my hair even shorter as my hair doesn’t do anything I tell it, so I don’t want the fuss. If you described this haircut to me, it wouldn’t sound like something I would consider, but I quite like it! I am happy with it and keen to stay with it – especially if it’s as little effort as Andrew says”

The new 'do!
The new ‘do!

Andrew has listened to Geraldine’s preferences and cut her hair into what we think is a very sophisticated yet easily maintained hairstyle. Isn’t that the dream! What do you think of the new ‘do?

One of the benefits of seeing such talent like Andrew is the brilliant advice you pick up along the way. We madly noted down his top tips during our visit to share with you below.

We want to pass on our thanks to Andrew at Barney Martin and Pablo at M.A.C. for arranging our visit with Geraldine. We think both professionals have created a beautiful, mature look for Geraldine to proudly promote her greys. We have to say that Geraldine also provided a lovely canvas for us to work with!

If you missed last nights M.A.C. makeover you can see it here.

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