Our 3 Favourite Lipsticks for Dry winter Lips

This mini feature is brought to you by the frustration I am having with lipsticks during the cold and windy months! Trying to look nice with flakes literally falling from your puckers ain’t easy. Below is a quick-fire list of lippies that nourish dry lips while still adding the touch of colour that is much-needed in the face of winter.

Lipstick for dry lips

Karen Murrell – It’s not uncommon to discover that the all-natural beauty brand you love is actually from across the ditch. New Zealanders have a knack for developing beautiful products that are not only good for the skin but also have wonderful pigmentation. The ingredient list of this particular brand of lipstick reads like the organic menu at your local cafe. With avocado oil, evening primrose oil, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange you can be sure there is nothing but goodness put into your pout.

Burts Bees – this feel-good brand not only makes your lips feel great but they’re also good for the soul. A percentage of every sale goes to support the survival of local bee populations who are vital to our entire ecosystem and the packaging is made from 60% recycled materials. The actual lippy is made from entirely natural ingredients and formulated with moringa and raspberry seed oils to provide all-day hydration. They’re also friendly to the hip pocket!

Lipstick for dry lips

Buy Burts Bees $19.99 Lipsticks here pictured in ‘Blushing Basin’

Mavala – this is the holy grail for dry lips! When a product is developed and manufactured in Switzerland you can be damn sure they know a thing or two about protection from wind chill. We promise you will get through the entire cold season without even picking up a chapstick, instead we’ve been reaching for our Mavala 627 Sweet Lady when we’re feeling dry. The colour is a personal favourite as a daily-wear neutral and we thank the heavens for its soothing properties.

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