The Definitive Guide To Hair Thinning And Restoration: Part Three

This evening we’re sharing part three in our Definitive Guide to Hair Thinning and Restoration. If you’ve been experiencing hair loss we highly recommend you follow our guide to keep up with what the experts are telling us. Sign up for our newsletter or look back on previous posts in our series where you can learn about restorative shampoo in Part Two: Plantur 39 or what vitamins can do to help in Part One: Swisse Wellness Expert.

Tonight we’re focusing on some hair trickery to help you fake it til you make it. The professionals can do a lot with a little so we’ve asked our new contributor Fiona Andry to round up the best professional styling advice that makes your hair look more abundant.

We also have the privilege to GIVE AWAY a special new hair tool that creates voluminous locks practically out of thin air,  the htz Hot Teaze. Read about the unworldly powers of this device and how it can create gravity defying-hair from the limpest of locks. It’s a bit of a miracle maker for lifeless, flat hair! How to win? If you are currently a subscriber to our newsletter, you’re already in the running to win the htz Hot Teaze. If you’re keen to give this hot new product a whirl for free… sign up at the bottom of this page to go in the running! The winner will be announced Monday 26th – good luck! [NOTE: COMP NOW CLOSED]

htz Hot Teaze happy customer pre and post use


Tips and tricks to make your hair look thicker

Author, Fiona Andry

Many women start to experience thinning hair as they move into their 50s and beyond. Most hair loss takes place around the hairline and sometimes it can be quite severe. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. We’ve rounded up the top tips from the professionals to fake fuller hair.

Get Hold of the Right Hair Styling Tools.
There are styling tools out there that will make even the finest hair look voluminous. Yes, really. We recently discovered the new htz Hot Teaze. Designed by Annie Vine, a successful hairdresser who herself has fine hair, the tool is revolutionary. Lightweight and easy to use, it volumizes thin hair at the roots using patented texturizing plates so hair looks and feels thicker and has better shape. It also eliminates the need to backcomb so frees your hair from tangles and importantly leads to less stress on the hair which can lead to breakage.

htz Hot Teaze valued at $249 that you could win!

How to style your hair with the htz Hot Teaze?
1. Spray roots with hairspray while heating your htz Hot Teaze to your desired temperature. Adjust the width to suit your hair.
2. Slide your htz Hot Teaze through the hair – tip: start at the roots. You don’t need to section the hair – the htz Hot Teaze will slide through your hair taking a perfect slice each time. Hold for a few seconds for each section. You should be able to to do a 2-inch panel of the back of your hair from the crown to the ends, in about 45 seconds. It is that fast.
3. Repeat until you have done your roots all over your head.

If you’d like a detailed video demo, click here.

Here is Annie before and after using her htz Hot Teaze so you can see it makes quite a difference.

Other tools that will also help you achieve big hair and protect it are the new electronic motored dryers such as the Dyson Supersonic that use super strong airflow rather than heat- it’s much gentler on the hair resulting in less breakage so you get to keep what you’ve got! Remember after blowdrying to use the cold shot to set hair and also to cool down your scalp to stop your hair from going flat.

You can also add curls – always good for a hair boost. You can actually use your htz Hot Teaze for this in much the same way as you would use a straightener to achieve curls.

Colour your Hairline
Annie has another tip up her sleeve. “I use a hairline colour to define my hairline. Hair looks thicker if you can’t see the scalp. It will also help to disguise your grey hair regrowth, so it’s doubly useful,” says Annie. “I am a fan of the WOW brand from Hairhouse Warehouse – you can’t beat it. It’s a powder which I find much easier to use than a chalk that you have to wet.”

The Right Cut
Most pros will suggest one of the three following haircuts for those with thinning hair:

1. Choppy Bob
Light layers with waves add ruffled volume to fine hair. Ask for an asymmetrical bob with feathered layers for a contemporary look. Olivia John has managed to make her hair look much thicker here.

Image via ONJ Instagram

2. Angled Lob or Bob
This haircut is very flattering for fine or thin hair. A side-swept fringe helps frame the face, while feathery layers add movement and volume.

Image via Deborah Knight’s Instagram

3.Choppy Pixie
If you’re feeling bold, ask your hairdresser for a choppy pixie. A pixie cut makes hair look thicker and fuller, plus it’s easy to style.

Image via Sharon Stone’s Instagram

Power Products
A good volumising shampoo and conditioner will make your hair look thicker. Annie recommends the Nioxin range of shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment for fine hair. We’re told the trichovedic volumising range is also worth a try.

And don’t forget root spray! “We include a bottle in our htz Hot Teaze Box. I use this spray because it is a spirit-based product – it dissipates and does not leave a heavy coating on fine hair, but gives it body. Remember to apply it to the root area only,” advises Annie.

Micro Extensions
“Last but not least consider micro-extensions. They work really work well for fine hair so if you are thinking about it, do discuss it with your hairdresser. Remember many many people choose extensions for fullness rather than length,” says Annie “so don’t be afraid of them.”

More htz Hot Teaze results



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  1. I’m a true 80’s girl and the bigger the hair the better! I love the fullness this tool gives and its so easy to use as well. I like the softness fuller hair gives when it frames the face. I really enjoy the articles here and the before and after pics X

  2. This new miracle tool looks to be a must have in the hair arsenal for us older ladies. Congratulations to Annie for her clever design.


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