The Definitive Guide To Hair Thinning And Restoration: Part Two

Tonight, in Part Two of our Definitive Guide to Hair Thinning we take focus on a hair care product specifically¬†formulated to assist in the restoration of hair, Plantur 39. With a tagline like “made for women over 40” they had piqued our interest.

The range consists of –

Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for fine brittle hair. Yes, it contains caffeine! A bit of a wake-up call for your locks no doubt. Along with white tea for a healthy scalp, vitamins for hair health and one of the important factors is actually something it’s lacking, excessive conditioning agents. This helps with volume and prevents fine hair being weighed down.

Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for coloured and stressed hair. Also has the caffeine and white tea but the kicker in this one is the wheat protein to build hair strength and Provitamin B5 for smoothness. Anyone else craving a smoothie now?

Phyto-Caffeine Tonic – helps hair feel stronger. This one is to be used like a protective treatment and massaged in once a day to ensure the scalp is in the best condition to support the hair.

Conditioner -for coloured and stressed hair. A specialised support product for the shampoo, that primarily ensures the active ingredients aren’t washed down the plug hole. A nice addition is the avocado which enhances shine. Don’t forget, shine plays a pivotal role in the appearance of fullness as shiny hair bounces light and gives the illusion of more abundant hair.

We’ve been provided imagery from Plantur 39 of a woman named Linda who trialled the range. Linda was experiencing menopausal symptoms, noticed her brush was full of hair after each use and her hairline was receding. These images are the before and after shots of 6 months using Plantur 39. We can see a marked improvement in fullness and shine which is highly encouraging.

We’re told it’s a day by day process¬†and commitment and consistency is paramount. What we want to know is, have you tried Plantur 39 for your thinning hair? We’d love to hear more.

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