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We here at Smart. Casual. Classic. love a great product that simply delivers on its promise. No frills, effective and nurturing skincare is also something that Lara, editor at Beauty Over 40, loves to share also. So what do we have for you savvy ladies today? Dermal Therapy skincare products. Importantly recognised by dermatologists, Dermal Therapy hails itself as the best buy for those who suffer from eczema and dermatitis. Now if you’ve ever dealt with a skin condition like eczema or dermatitis you know how difficult finding the right product that doesn’t cause flare-ups on your skin or empties your wallet can be. Let’s see how our editor, lifelong dermatitis sufferer, Rebecca and Lara, Beauty over 40 editor and someone experiencing menopause skin issues, feel about Dermal Therapy.

Image: Lara @ Beauty over 40

Lara says: Sensitive Skin Wash, Anti-Ageing Hand Balm & Very Dry Skin Cream. Covid-19 isn’t over by a long shot, unfortunately, and until such time as a vaccine is found, we need to continue to social distance and sanitise. Is your skin drying out from all the hand washing and sanitising? Mine is. Is your skin naturally sensitive or dry? Dermal Therapy might be worth a try. I’ve been trialling the Sensitive Skin Wash, which is super gentle, being Soap, SLS, Paraben, Fragrance and Petrochemical free. I have found this Skin Wash to be really effective at cleaning my hands (and body), and as it is good for sensitive and dry skin, it’s perfect for washing your hands several times a day. The Sensitive Skin Wash has left my hands hydrated and smooth, with no tightness nor itchiness. For after washing, I’ve been using the Dermal Therapy Anti-Ageing Hand Balm, which is deeply hydrating – just what hands need with multiple washes each day. As an added bonus for mature hands, plant-based ingredients encourage collagen and elastin synthesis, so it is really good for anyone 40-50+ and going through, or post-menopause. My hands feel instantly hydrated after using, and it melts into skin with no sticky residue. Rounding out the Dermal Therapy beauties I have been trialling is the absolutely brilliant Very Dry Skin Cream, which works very well on dry and flaky skin areas. I used this on elbows and around my cuticles, and the dry skin was gone within a matter of days (I now just touch up as needed). I also used the cream on a burn I had (after using antiseptic for 2 days), and the burnt patch is looking really good. The skin hasn’t over dried, and it’s not scaly or itchy at all. All of these products are Australian made and owned, and with all products, you don’t have to use much, so a little goes a long way, and they are quite economical. I would recommend trying the Dermal Therapy range if you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin – it works so well and is very soothing.

Lara says: Dermal Therapy Scalp Relief Shampoo & Conditioner, and Scalp Relief Serum. If you have dry or sensitive skin, chances are you have a dry or sensitive scalp as well. After all, our skin doesn’t just stop at our face. A dry or sensitive scalp needs a shampoo and conditioner formulated to cleanse without further drying and irritation. The Dermal Therapy Scalp Relief 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner may be just what you need. Free from soap and SLS, and formulated with Urea, to help reduce flaking, and Colloidal Oatmeal, to help sooth dry, itchy, flaky skin, the Shampoo & Conditioner very gently (yet thoroughly) cleanse your hair, hydrating your scalp and leaving your hair soft and conditioned. I’ve been having a bit of scalp dryness since hitting middle age (it’s just dryness leading to flakiness, it’s not dandruff), and it has left my scalp soothed and hydrated – it really has made such a difference. A little goes quite a long way, so this will last me a while on my medium length hair. For those with a dry or itchy scalp who need instant relief, I’ve also trialled the Dermal Therapy Scalp Relief Serum, a leave-on, fast-drying serum, designed to help relieve dry and itchy scalps. You only need a few drops at a time, and relief from dryness, soreness, itchiness and sensitivity is almost instant. For anyone with dry, sensitive, or itchy scalps, I’d recommend trying this range – it has soothed my skin so much. I wasn’t starting from a particularly dry or itchy base (just a little), and it has completely disappeared.

If you enjoy all things beauty and are looking for relatable advice from a reliable source then please do check out Lara at the Beauty Over 40 website or Facebook page.

Rebecca says: “For me, it was all about the sensitive skin wash. I have lived with dermatitis for my entire life and I will never go near a scented wash or hand cream but that doesn’t mean that all “dermatologically approved” products haven’t cause flare-ups either. I tread cautiously with every new product I try and I am lucky enough to have access to many high end, well-marketed luxury products yet when I have been tempted by the hype they’ve failed me miserably. Anyone else with skin issues like me will understand the frustration around fad products that your friend swears is “great for dry skin, you should try it”. *Sigh*. It’s just not that easy for us. Unless of course, your friend is recommending Dermal Therapy products. I realise that every person is different and dermatology is one of the most fickle medical specialties but I feel pretty confident that this body wash won’t cause inflammation issues to most. Not only did I not experience a resurgence of small dry spots on my legs, I actually felt clean and fresh whilst so many sensitive washes are simply too much like a moisturiser. The clincher that has me professing my undying love for this body wash? Price. If you have been following us for long you will know that I don’t push expensive gimmicks – if it comes at an expense, I stand by the price because I know it delivers. Great value, however, is a great love! With a price point of $12 this body wash is just that. It may seem like a non-exciting product to rave about but this is written from the point of someone who has been using the same body wash for over a decade… and just switched it up.

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