We tried Omnilux… and loved it.

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What on earth is Omnilux, we hear you say? Well, it’s a magical beautifying light. The end. Not enough info? Okay, why don’t we ask Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner, Katherine Millar-Shannon from Durquessa Clinic to give us the more technical explanation before we tell you about our experience?

What is OMNILUX?
OMNILUX is LED Light Therapy offering innovative, effective and affordable solutions in the global medical market and world leader in light only aesthetic treatments.
OMNILUX uses light therapy to treat common skin problems like acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, rough skin tone and texture. “We commonly treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands by simply popping [the client] under the lamp with some goggles on for about 20 minutes”

What can I expect after my first treatment?
Skin will usually appear clearer, brighter and smoother after only one treatment.

How often should I have OMNILUX?
Results are accelerated with a course of OMNILUX sessions; usually two per week over a four week period. Long-term results are maintained with follow-up treatments every four to six weeks if needed.

Are there any negative side effects to the light that I should know about?
As a consequence of any LED light therapy, patients can complain of irritability, headaches, eye strain, sleep disturbances and insomnia. Mild visual side effects are not unusual but remit promptly. Therefore determining the appropriate dose and timing of light is essential in order to diminish the occurrence of such side effects.
What are the biggest benefits of each of the lights and should I be mixing them up each visit?
Revive Light acts to energize, rejuvenate and repair damaged skin and uneven skin tone. It also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. OMNILUX Revive delivers a precise wavelength of visible red light that penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate fibroblast activity to naturally boost the production of collagen.

Near-infrared (Plus Light) is used for skin rejuvenation in combination with the OMNILUX Revive and also for wound healing.
Blue Light kills acne bacteria, combining the blue and the revive light. It helps to remove the bacteria that cause the redness and inflammation of acne, promoting healing.

Do you see light therapy becoming part of facials on a regular basis across spas?
OMNILUX is often incorporated into facials at salons and skincare clinics in general, to boost results or work alongside other treatments.



Our experience trying Omnilux was nothing short of bliss. Lay back for the gentle, warm light and kick your feet up for 20 minutes. Walking out of the salon and heading straight back to work is of no concern- we didn’t look red or even slightly flushed. The results are seen over the coming days – a general look of freshness, like we had a month of rest is the best way we can describe what we saw in the mirror. It was pretty impressive after just one treatment! For comparison, we achieve great results from microdermabrasion, our skin really pings after that. But it’s apparent that Omnilux works on a deeper level and the favourite part of our results was that healthy glow it gave – even in the middle of autumn. We”ll be going back.

Image: Cosmetic Nurse Practioner, Katherine Millar-Shannon from Duquessa Clinic

OMNILUX prices start at $150 as a stand-alone treatment or 10 x OMNILUX for $990 saving you $510 @ Duquessa Clinic

All images courtesy of Duquessa Clinic Instagram

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