What to ask for if you’re considering pink hair

Mature pink hair

[If you are thinking about pink and like this colour above, Amy says to ask for a soft, warm pink/violet blonde]

Sometimes you get to a point in life when you stop wondering and start doing. And when it comes to hair, mature women are much bolder. Experimenting with colour more than their younger counterparts and in our opinion, absolutely owning the trend. We can officially forget the forsaken “purple rinse”! We are seeing gorgeous full heads of iridescent pinks and purples or blended pastels and subtle highlights. The ultra-feminine range of colours has us in a perpetual state of wonder…is it our time to stop wondering and start doing? First, we get some details from the owner & creative director of Urban Chic Salon, Amy Gaudie on all things pink and purple hair. Yeah, yeah!

mature pink hair

[If you like this colour above, Amy says to ask for a peachy rose golden blonde]

Amy refers to these ladies tones as “TRANSITIONAL COLOUR”. This is because intense tones like this are forever changing with each wash. It’s important to get your base right from a highly-trusted stylist who will ensure the products nurture, not kill, your locks, then you can play with colour beyond your wildest dreams and change your mind at a whim.

My favourite thing about transitional-toned colour is that clients don’t have to commit to this long-term, which means every hair appointment they can try a new shade!

– Amy

Considerations before dying
Before starting any of these types of colour I like to have a thorough consultation and discuss my clients’ needs and wants from their hair appointment and we talk about how we will achieve the desired look.

These include whether it will be a scalp lighten (great for blending the existing grey/white hair) or drop foils for low maintenance colouring (no need to colour every 6/8 weeks) or a refresh toner (this is done in between our major colour/cut appointments).

mature purple hair

[If you like this colour above, Amy says to ask for an intense cool purple]

What hair care do you recommend for clients going for these colours?  

We also discuss how they will maintain and look after their hair in between visits and what they’ll need to commit to, to ensure longevity from the colour.

I’ll recommend a personalized home care regime plus my go-to product to keep hair integrity intact, and a personalized colour conditioner that I’ve mixed combining their own colour shades to refresh the colour each and every time they wash their hair at home.

[Smart. Casual. Classic recommends hair care like White Sands Orchid Bliss $22.95 each]

How do you tell if a colour will suit a client? 

Once we have discussed their priorities the fun begins!

What shade of pink/purple/peach would they like, and how pastel or intense would they like their colour to look. Most of my clients already have pictures from Pinterest, which is such an amazing tool for clients and hairdressers to use during a consultation to ensure we’re both on the same wave-length.

I look at skin tone to ensure I make the right shade choice, I also look at how my clients’ dress and the makeup they wear; this shows me their personality and is a great gauge on how vibrant they’d like their hair to look. Always remembering the colour wheel is best – warm with warm, cool with cool!

mature pink hair

[If you like this colour above, Amy says to ask for a pastelised rosy pink]

mature silver hair

[If you like this colour above, Amy says to ask for a very soft, light violet/ash blonde]

Mature pink hair

[If you like this colour above, Amy says to ask for an intense bright pink]


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  1. I’m 70 ish and love these colours – mine at the moment a gunmetal grey/purple!
    I always have great discussions with my hairdresser abt style and colour. Thanks

    • Hi Gay, I am not sure why I missed this comment. My apologies for not seeing it sooner. Your hair sounds fantastic! It must make the hairdressers more fun. Thanks so much for following and for your comment. Apologies again for not seeing it sooner.


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