Amanda Keller: Get the beautiful silk blouse look

Amanda’s outfit on The Living Room tonight is a bit of a change of pace from her usual look but equally lovely. Our immediate thoughts upon seeing this silk blouse was just how sophisticated and versatile this garment is. If you know you can care for silk, then it’s an unbeatable investment and the reason that tonight’s Get The Look is a blouse special! Check out our selection of current favourites below. We’ve also put together a list of ways to style your new silky goodness… or you may have an old favourite blouse that needs new life? Try out our style tips.


Wear your silk shirt: 

SMART – with suiting. Eternal class! 
CASUAL – loose over ponte pants with point-toe, flats ala Audrey. 
FLIRTY – with a high-waisted pleated skirt, kitten heels and faux fur stole. 
CHIC – paired with crisp denim, simple nude heel and a blazer. 
EDGEY – biker jacket, loose-fit jeans and sandals. 
COVERAGE – worn as a cover-up over a fitted dress. NB remember to tie at the waist for the hourglass figures. 
EASY BREEZY – untucked over, paired with loose culottes and slip-on flats.

Amanda’s look tonight, understated and elegant.



Sportscraft $199.99

Trenery $129


Boden $160

Heine @ Ezibuy $99

SABA $219

Grana $139


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