Amanda Keller: Necktie Blouses

You may already know that we have a bit of a thing for a slinky blouse. The effortlessly-chic way a blouse can be worn with anything from denim to diamonds is what makes it so appealing. Add to that an interesting necktie and it becomes a top that is the centrepiece to your look. This Ginger & Smart blouse worn by Amanda tonight has an extra long tie so it’s up to the wearer how they style it. Amanda has opted to tie it to the back which seems wise for tv as you may not want to wear anything overly layered and bulky that will be distracting. If you’re not in front of the camera though you may want to experiment. The traditional pussy-bow still has its place in fashion and looks best when paired with sharp tailoring that offsets the girliness of the bow. If the tie isn’t too long (.i.e. not too far past your waistline) it can be worn open and loose for a true laissez-faire feel. Dressed up or down this blouse is sexiness personified and belongs over every shaped body!

All of the looks below are for a special event but each style has its own slight point of difference. Your suiting can be something that further relaxes your look with oversized palazzo pants – worn with statement jewels and heels its the perfect evening look for the girl who doesn’t like dresses. Worn without a jacket and the bow kept loose and it could take you anywhere from dinner to the office. And lastly – an ultra-sharp tailored suit always says business but that silky necktie gives it a feminine touch.

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