The 5 Most Thoughtful Christmas Presents

It’s our special Chrissy gift guide with the most heartfelt presents we’ve come across. You’ve likely requested a favourite perfume or a new book so these are the items that may not have immediately sprung to mind but will last a lifetime. They can either be on your own wishlist or for that someone really special and deserving – which is also you, right?! These are the presents that show someone how much you mean to them and will be forever cherished.

A Life Untold 

Whether you have a loved one who enjoys talking about their life or someone who hasn’t shared quite as much, we feel this is one of the most treasured gifts anyone could give – their very own autobiography. It’s not always easy to open up and too often we lose people wishing we knew more, asked more. A Life Untold helps put together pieces of someone’s life into a cherished and beautifully-designed book. Thankfully the process is easier than any of those headache-inducing photobooks you may have tried in the past. After an in-depth, online questionnaire and submission of your photos, the team will collate everything for you using professional editors and designers. The whole process is designed to be fun and we think it would have to be fairly cathartic! Think of how much you would cherish a book like this from a parent or grandparent, or how much you’d love your kids to know more about your life. We adore this idea and think that everyone’s story deserves to be told.

A Life Untold $199 – We are thrilled to be able to offer Smart. Casual. Classic. followers a special 20 % discount code valid until December 31st. Enter the code SMART at the checkout to redeem this exclusive offer.

Ancestry DNA Kit

Give the gift of someone’s personal history with an Ancestry DNA Kit. Have you ever wondered about your biological makeup? Has a loved one ever expressed interest in knowing more about their past? Order an Ancestry DNA Kit online and receive the undisputed facts of someone’s background in 6-8 weeks. The Ancestry database now boasts over 15 million users who have provided saliva samples meaning the likelihood of discovering a distant (or close!) relative grows every day with the clever matching of DNA. You may unearth some surprising origins or validated a previously-unexplained connection with a particular region. We think this is a beautiful gift for that certain someone who has always wondered…

Ancestry DNA Kit is currently available for $89 until December 25th 

Country Road scarf with Monogram

If the fashion-lover in your life seems to have it all well ask yourself, is all they have monogrammed? Make it personal with Country Road who now offer an entire range that can be emblazoned with the name, nickname or initials of your choosing – some emoji’s are thrown into the mix too! From bags, children’s rompers, clothing, makeup cases and more, you can put some extra thought into your gifting this year. Our absolute standout favourite is this pretty paisley printed scarf for $79.95. Accessories are the best present as there are no sizing issues and it’s usually quite easy to pinpoint someones taste in scarves or jewellery instead of clothing. 

See the full range of Country Road’s personalised items here.

Photo Restoration

A photo doesn’t really need to be that old for it to get damaged or fade and require restoration. Most of us have a cherished image that could do with some T.L.C.and it’s amazing what professional restoration services can do when they work their magic. Typically the photo will be scanned into a high-resolution digital image for the retouch to take place. The original picture will remain the same and you can compare the before and afters. We highly recommend finding a local restoration service that specialises in this area, avoid camera stores in shopping centres who have this as a side offering because you pay for what you get – your results will vary greatly. Seal the love-filled deal by framing the finishing product so that the receiver can place it on their mantle straight away. Imagine you could restore a photo of someones recently passed parent or celebrate a friendship or sisterhood by bringing a photo of you both back to life. It has to be one of the simplest but most thoughtful things you could give anyone. The only tricky part is getting your hands on the original if it’s not in your care!

Print Productions have reasonable prices and a proven track record quality restorations. Price depending on size and work required. 

Mamma Bear Necklace

Go for the pure cuteness factor with this beautiful sterling silver and bronze necklace representing a mother bear and her cubs. Alter the number of cubs based on the number of children or gift an aunt-like figure this gorgeous jewellery with a note to say they’re like a mother to you. The emotive symbol of a fiercely protective mother bear says more than words at Christmas. We’re going to start dropping hints for this unique piece for ourselves… Mamma Bear necklaces

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