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First, imagine this carry-on luggage is all you need to pack for a six week holiday across changing climates!

This fashion brand, CADARRA is the label that every stylish traveller has been wanting without even knowing it. You know the old adage, pack your suitcase and then halve it? Well with Cadarra you can pack your five-piece travel wardrobe, add shoes, some basics and accessories and GO! Thanks to the patented design and the intense research to find the perfect fabric that gives the right amount of stretch, with a simple tweak you can exit the plane and find yourself at a five-star restaurant or the beach bar in style with Cadarra.

The original piece and the hero item of Cadarra is the multiway dress that has endless versatility in the ways you can wear it – tweak into a skirt, wear the arms over your legs as harem pants, a poncho, strapless dress, off the shoulder, one shoulder the list goes on! Truly, new styles are still being discovered to this day. Combining this multi-way dress with the full five-piece Cadarra range – The Cami, The Wrap, The Leggings and the Belt, this and some basics is all you need to pack for an extended holiday abroad. Rather than us explain the ways you can wear it, why not see for yourself – The Cadarra in action across the globe in the pictures below. We think you will fall for it as fast as we did!


Yes, this is the mindblowing multi-way dress worn as a jumpsuit in London town.
A little leopard always goes a long way! This is the CADARRA going across European climates while adjusting to changes in temp with a little outerwear or a beautiful sun hat.
Not into leopard print? Then choose to pack your ultra-comfortable drape pants as one of your basics and get even more mileage out of your Cadarra. Add an elegant brooch at the shoulder, wear it poncho style with a neck scarf or go for the beautiful side-tie vibe.

Sapphire Blue – no surprises that this is an extremely popular Cadarra tone:

Seen in Japan! Cami and cape, layered as a skirt or the draped poncho and leggings.
Across the UK as a jumpsuit, a poncho or an off the shoulder style with hints of the pewter grey Cadarra.

We know that orange is the colour of the season but it seems that Cadarra knew this long before us. This burnt orange tone is truly divine!

Taking the burnt orange Cadarra for a whirl around Italy worn as a strapless dress with a neutral lightweight jacket.
Orange as a wrap in L.A, the Cadarra cami and wrap at home in Australia, strapless with a scarf in Italy and as a sarong in Bali.

Formal – Not convinced Cadarra really can take you from beach to ballet and beyond? See evidence in pictures below! A tonal fur or that special statement necklace lifts the garment into a new glamorous level. The stretch of this fabric means you can really change the shape of your look for a more or less streamlined silhouette to suit your dress level. Cadarra also sell this clever little buckle that helps you nip, tuck and secure in all the right places.

travel fashion
Melbourne Cup winning look with the addition of a faux fur stole picked up at the markets- love this!
travel fashion
G’day to dinner in L.A with a supremely elegant off shoulder style with a centre knot.
travel fashion
Glam look for a glam vehicle!
travel fashion
Enchanting evenings out in Bali with the addition of the white Cadarra.

If you pack your basics well it extends the options to an incredible level:

Chicago to Europe to Japan – a basic tee is a Cadarra’s best friend.

More styles that we couldn’t resist showing you!

This is the multiway dress worn as a top at home in Port Stephens, NSW
Channel the edgy look while on the tourist trail of London.
One shouldered, statement accessories and endless options.
You don’t even need to pop into a telephone box to change like Superman! Simply tweak in the street to head from shopping to fancy eats.
A simple draped scarf, your favourite slide-on sandals and the simplistic strapless version of Cadarra – easy, breezy and cool.

We have a professional arrangement with the fabulous Cadarra team and a deep personal love for this garment! Find out more about CADARRA by clicking here.

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  1. Amazing how many different ways you can wear the Cadarra dress loving the orange.
    Wouldn’t take long to pack your bags 👍

    • Yes the orange is very in fashion at the moment and suits so many.

      haha yep! Pack your bags just before you leave for the airport I think!


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