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Australian Owned and Made Fashion Brands

If you, like many Australians, are trying to buy more locally made products, you may have the fashion department a bit challenging. Despite the appetite for Australian-made clothing growing by the day, we are all too aware of how scarce those labels are. The fact is, local production doesn’t just cost more, it costs a lot more. And rightly so because we proudly have a fair wage system and a high quality of living that must meet those standards. So if you want to put your money where your mouth is, be willing to pony up the dosh for quality clothing that is produced here and supports Aussie jobs. It may just mean a shift in buying behaviour and shopping less often but it is possible on most budgets.

We’ve presented, in alphabetical order, a list of true blue fashion retailers. Please note below, we’ve detailed that some retailers have Australian-made lines within a broader range and others are entirely locally produced. We very much encourage you to comment with any additions we may have missed as we will be constantly updating this resource.

Amici Collective 
Anthea Crawford
Carla Zampatti
In it for the long haul, Carla Zampatti made be from Italy originally but is an Australian institution
Doop Designs
Fella Hamilton
Fella Hamilton Australian made shirt $149.95. Fella Hamilton has been in business since 1969! Although Fella has passed the business onto her children, she is still quite involved and the brand has grown in sync with it’s devoted Aussie fans.
Statement from Fella Hamilton website
Nobody Denim
One P Design
Statement from One P Design
The Ark Clothing Company

This article will be updated with new Australian brands as we discover them. You’re very welcome to alet us to any we have missed. All statements current as of 21-09-2020

Young Squad Online 
Eco-friendly, Australian-made and ranging form kids to adults with bespoke sizing options? Ah, yes please! Images: Kate Luke Photography. City in distance image: Maz Moments Photography
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    • Yes, price is usually a big barrier with buying local for everything, especially fashion. There are some of the smaller designers out there that seem to be able to keep costs low but otherwise, yes I do agree, price makes it hard to support local at times.


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