The Incredible Results from the Ultimate Treatment for Hooded Eyes

It’s probably one of the more sneaky aspects of aging but hooded eyes can have a dramatic effect on your overall looks and play a part in our general expressive appearance. Many women have reported concern that they think they look a little sad when they’re far from it. A slight lift in tightness can have an impact on this without going into the realm of extreme facelifts or injectibles. Thermage is the much-loved solution to hooded eyes because while clients feel a dramatic difference it is definitely one of the most natural-looking treatments out there.

Thermage gives this natural look because it works with your own natural resources! Stimulating your own production of collagen rather than adding in foreign things like fillers or injectables, Thermage goes to work restoring rather than disrupting.

We trialled Thermage FLX with Vicky from MD Cosmedical Solutions who is probably one of the most comforting therapists we’ve dealt with – and we’ve met with many! Vicky was a wealth of knowledge and really lived by the ethos that people don’t like the “worked” look. Rather, we just like the best version of ourselves. We really loved that.

The treatment itself lasted under an hour and you are able to have a Panadol if you’re particularly sensitive because it’s not exactly a spa massage. It’s an effective, results-driven procedure that works with heat so it gets a little uncomfortable. You do get breaks though and it’s over before you know it. Editor, Rebecca is 5 weeks in and can’t wait to show you the full 2-3 months pictures as that is when results are optimised. It’s a long game but it’s worth it, as you can see from the examples below. We asked Vicky for her expert advice on all things Thermage so you can make the best-informed decision if it’s for you.

Can you briefly explain how Thermage works? 

Thermage uses a radiofrequency heat  to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production and bundling. Collagen is what keeps our skin looking fresh and youthful. After the age of 25 the amount of collagen in our skin decreases and we need to start looking for treatments to keep us looking young.

Is there prep or down time?

One  of the great things about thermage is that there is no prepping involved. Afterwards you may be slightly pink for around thirty minutes before you return to normal. No down time!

How long has Thermage been available and what is the average age of clients who prefer it? Has that age range changed over time? 

Thermage has been around for over 20 years. Over this time they have continued to improve the technology to be stronger, faster and more comfortable. The latest model is Thermage FLX. The average client in our clinic who comes in for this treatment is around 45. However, we have seen an increase in younger adults coming in for this treatment to maintain their youth.

What can Thermage do for hooded eyes?  

Thermage can be used on the eyelid as well as the brow to create a lift for clients with hooded eyes. This is a great option for people who are wary of injectables or surgery.

Is it true you can even tighten the skin on your neck? 

It certainly is! Thermage can be used for the face and neck as well as body areas. It is commonly used on the tummy for example to tighten the skin after childbirth.

What is the most popular area to treat? Is there a particular area that seems to deliver the best results?

The most popular area is definitely the face, focussing on the jowls and nasolabial folds next to the mouth. We find it delivers great results in all areas!

How often does one treatment last and when can you start to see results? 

Ideally it would be great if this treatment could be done yearly. In saying that, there are noted long term effects that can still be seen two years on. Full results are in six months, positive changes can start to show after around two months.

Are you ever too old for Thermage? 

We have clients still having this treatment in their 80s! Although you can’t expect the same results as a younger person due to the low collagen levels in your skin, it can definitely provide you with some freshness.

Why do many people prefer Thermage to treatments like anti-wrinkle injections? Particularly around the eyes. 

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, there is no bruising or downtime after a Thermage procedure. As well as this, the results last much longer than anti-wrinkle injections. This saves you coming in for multiple sessions a year. Furthermore, we are not adding any foreign substances into the skin, only stimulating the bodies natural processes. It also provides a more natural look.

Editor, Rebecca experienced the Thermage FLX treatment which took place at MD Cosmedical Solutions, Sydney with Vicky. RRP is from $3000 depending on the clinic and Thermage vs Thermage FLX.

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