Street Style: All of these Women are Wearing The Same Dress Styled 5 Ways

How great is this concept! We spied each of these women wearing the same dress, just in different colours and styled to suit their individual taste. This is one dress that can be worn in multiple ways or you can build a capsule wardrobe from the same brand by adding in their complementary pieces – the wrap, cami, tights or belt. Yep, that’s right. You can have five pieces of clothing and that’s all you need for this collection to see you through all walks of life.

The hero piece of this collection called, CADARRA is the multiway dress. Well, it’s a dress that can be a top, skirt and pants too. It’s hard to get your head around at first but once you check out the how-to videos you get a feel for the concept. The clever stretch of the fabric is designed so you can maneuver your looks however you like but it won’t cling. Coupled with the CADARRA styling buckle and your style seems to only be limited by your imagination. Our imagination has been running wild since learning of this clever concept, especially thanks to how these stylish women represented their looks. Scroll for inspiration overload! 😍

Image: Paper Phoenix Lara wears a Blue Sapphire tone CADARRA worn as a top. Paired with CADARRA leggings which can be purchased separately or as a capsule collection.
Image: Paper Phoenix. Fumi wears the black CADARRA pulled into an off the shoulder style also with leggings.
Image: Paper Phoenix. Claudine wears the burnt orange CADARRA as a strapless dress paired with her tonal leather biker jacket
Image: Paper Phoenix. Patsy, owner of CADARRA wears the snow white CADARRA styled as a strapless top.
Image: Paper Phoenix. Dian wears classic black CADARRA with one arm and shoulder full exposed – chic!

Just fabulous! There is no “who wore it best” competition within this group. Each women has tweaked the dress to suit their shape beautifully and ultimately fit their personal taste – and isn’t that what life is all about? What a gorgeous group x

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