Carla Zampatti talks style as we age and introduces her new Specsavers range

We chat with the undisputed queen of Australian style, Carla Zampatti as she releases updated glasses into her Specsavers range. We were already familiar with her fashion-led yet still flattering styles so it was exciting to hear she has some new arrivals. The best way we could describe the new line would be to say they’re statements yet are still very wearable. A brilliant balance that allows spec-wearers to feel chic in frames that still suit most of their wardrobe. We also got to ask Carla a few questions along the way about her latest fashion range and style as we age – we love the tips on going monochrome! Do you have a favourite pair of frames? The standout for us is definitely the pearly white ones!  How about we let you decided below…


C ZAMPATTI 13 & C ZAMPATTI SUN RX 13 –  2 pairs single vision $249

Do you believe women find their true style with age? One must experiment to find the style that best suits them. Though as life becomes busier, that is when I feel women find the style that suits their lifestyle.
• Does eyewear act as a form of self-expression? Absolutely – whether it be sunglasses that can create an air of mystery or prescription optical that frame your eyes and make a statement about your personality.


C ZAMPATTI SUN RX 11 & C ZAMPATTI SUN RX 12  –  2 pairs single vision $249

• Can eyewear be the outfit? Why not – I love wearing the simplicity of black and white then adding drama with a strong sunglass frame
• You designed your first eyewear in the 70’s. Are there any styles you would like to see return? Or any current styles that are inspired from that original range? There is a wonderful modern approach to 60’s and 70’s styles that I am developing for the 2019 collection.

C ZAMPATTI 15 2 pairs single vision $249 –  2 pairs single vision $249

• You are the queen of the understated statement, merging classic aesthetics with bold colour. Does this design direction also transfer to your eyewear? Yes – I want to design eyewear that will stand the test of time. Working with Specsavers allows me to create new styles each year at a perfect price which allows glasses fans to add new ones all the time.
• How can a woman create a refined style on a small budget? Start with a colour palette and build from there – it is why I consider black and white to be the ideal starting point for any wardrobe.

C ZAMPATTI SUN RX 14 & C ZAMPATTI SUN RX 10 –  2 pairs single vision $249

Carla Zampatti tweed dress and jacket 

Do you have a favourite from you new clothing range? Every season there is a favourite – this summer I am loving the Pale Blue Tweed Dress and Cropped jacket – I am fortunate to be able to wear some of my next season and there are some designs with fringing that are so much fun to wear day and night.

Click here to view Carla’s Specsavers range.

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