Shelly’s style transformation with personal stylist, Gessica Marmotta

Gessica Marmotta – Style Coach

Gessica has been a personal stylist for almost 5 years. Her business evolved from being a stylist in stores and Gessica found she had a refreshing honesty with customers and a knack for finding the right pieces for different women because as she says, we are all individual body shapes. Based on her years of insight, she took a leap and began her personal styling business and it wasn’t long before word got around that she knew her stuff. Fast forward four years and Gessica now flies all over Australia, NZ and sometimes L.A to visit her clients. She is certainly in demand!

Every consultation with Gessica is tailored to the client’s needs and may involve some or all of the following:

  • Reinventing the client’s current wardrobe and putting pieces together they already own.
  • Shopping for new hero pieces and styling them back with their current wardrobe.
  • Throwing away the pieces that just don’t work for the client. And also helping them see the beauty in the things they thought they should throw away – we love a good reimagining of style!
  • Seasonal updates for regular clients. This can involve buying new clothes or simply reassessing their current wardrobe for the upcoming season.

To convey Gessica’s skills, we’re featuring her client, Shelly. Shelly saw a friend go through a transformation after enlisting Gessica’s expertise and admired her new style for a long time before hiring Gessica. Like many women, Shelly never put herself first, she was always last after family. However, it was her lovely hubby that convinced her to do otherwise and book a consultation with Gessica.

Client, Shelly’s current style

Shelly was in a perpetual clothing pattern of loose tops and jeans or baggy dresses. While Gessica agrees that it’s not that Shelly had “bad” style, it’s just that there were cuts and styles out there that were much better suited to her shape and could flaunt all her best assets. Below are the looks that Gessica has styled for Shelly with accompanying quotes from Gessica as to why they were chosen.


1- “Shelly said she struggles with smart casual. I chose these because the skirt is a silk slip and this cut sits very nicely on her as it tapers in. And the blouse coming in at the waist was good for her hourglass figure plus a v-neck so she isn’t stuffy.”


2- “This is a trans-seasonal outfit that is easy to wear but with colour instead of black, black, black. Shelly loves earrings too! And I’ve been sure to give Shelly some waist definition.”


3- “All black is easy but the blue denim helps make it more casual. I choose brown over black shoes as it would be too heavy otherwise. I also tell my clients to twist a belt to the side as it’s more flattering. The long necklace plus the length of the jacket suits the proportions of the outfit, it’s all about balance.”

4- “I love a wrap dress and love adding a slip underneath if you’re after more coverage or to add interest – I always advise clients to have a variety of slips to pair with different clothing. The diamond shape on this Zara dress is also really flattering.”


5- “Shelly’s current formal dresses were too matronly. She is only 51, she needs something sexy! I  added shapewear and this Table Eight dress hugs her in all the right places plus the side-gathering not only looks good, but it also hides a tummy.”


6- “I am a big fan of jewellery- don’t underestimate the power of accessorising. It can make an outfit look incredible without spending a bomb. Layering adds some edge and some dimension.”

7- “This is a Sass n Bide knit wrap – it’s asymmetrical and long. Plus a cami, wide leg pants and statement earrings. Waist gathering helps. Choosing something that is asymmetrical can actually make you look taller and give you flow and balance. And it simply adds interest and femineity. I guess it’s my Italian background that we celebrate our femininity while still being strong, independent women.”

8- “This was a dress Shelly was going to throw out but I show her new ways to wear it. She was wearing it without the belt and it was frumpy and she didn’t know how to style it. So I added the belt, cardigan and accessories to bring it back to life.”


If you would be interested in Gessica’s services you can find out more about what this talented lady offers here: www.gessicamarmotta.com

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