Dame Judi Dench: Get her 5 Neutral Looks

Hands up if you love Dame Judi Dench?! We sure do. A brilliant and legendary actress, a good laugh in interviews and one hell of a style queen- we think she is the whole package so it was only a matter of time before you found her on the site. There are so many fabulous photos of Dame Judi’s looks out there that we had to narrow them down into one style direction at a time. So just for this story, we are featuring how Dame Judi wears neutrals. She certainly does wear colour, though not often brights, but is clearly a lover of creams and whites. Ms Dench also knows her shapes, she loves to work with a long line to enhance her short stature but is wise not to wear many pieces that fall full length. Just below the knee is best for short ladies though we fully appreciate how hard they are to find. There is a clear Indian influence to her style, she has been quoted as saying she was “bewitched by India” and its a factor that we like most about her looks- the scarves and detailed tapestry and textures are the finishing touches. Let’s explore her fine taste further…

A New Kind of Power Jacket. Forget the sharp, tailored blazer and embrace the power of a soft summer jacket. Cover up a top that has become a little clingy, create long lines, get some arm coverage or the obvious one, stay warm with a lightweight, neutral-coloured coat.

The Dramatic Arts. Creams or whites look amazing in a formal gown, obviously not as a guest to a wedding, but intricate beading and lace in a fabulous jacket like this mean you can have the most understated dress coupled with this standout formal jacket. We always wait with bated breath to see Dame Judi at awards nights and the effortlessly cool customer never disappoints.

Officially a Dame but Queen of the scarves! Again working with long lines, you will often see the star with a beautiful scarf draped over one shoulder. It certainly adds interest to her outfit and given that this is a silky-finish pashmina is also helps dress up her look. Next below is an almost identical look but with a linen scarf that completely casualises the entire outfit. This is definitely a signature style detail of the legendary actor.

The Secret to Styling Skirts. If you find yourself a bit stuck when it comes skirts then take inspiration from below. If you’re lucky enough to be able to wear a top tucked into a bias skirt, then go for it – remember that the top of the skirt should sit snug at the small of your waist. If you’re not keen on tucking then ensure that your top isn’t too fitted and a generally good place for the hem to stop would be at your widest point. Therefore the part of your body that extends out from the top should be beginning to narrow into the legs.

Creams Are the New Black. If you were to exchange all the back clothes in your wardrobe for neutrals, we guarantee you that you will get MORE wear out of them. Think about it, you have a fun new printed blouse, it’s a warm summers day and you only have black pants to wear with it. Swap them for creams and it will make your whole wardrobe more trans-seasonal.

Want to see more neutral pieces inspired by our favourite films stars fashion? Here are some beautiful brands below doing some great Judi pieces. The competition for elevated linen pieces is extremely tight right now and we believe Australian is spoilt for choice- here is the evidence.

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  1. I’m a mature woman in my 60s and I adore Dame Judi Dench for her acting and style. I especially like her wardrobe on “As Time Goes By”. It’s casual and attractive, and looks very comfortable. Can you tell me where I can order and purchase big shirts, tunics, the knee-length jackets and cardigans like those Ms. Dench wore on that series? I’m located in the U.S. southeast and am having a problem finding stores and outlets that carry the styles that I like and look best wearing. Even if I have to order from overseas, I’ll go that route. Thanks!


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