How would You like to have your own Personal Cooling Scarf?

Whether you’re dealing with heat stress from the actual temperature around Australia at the moment or you’re experiencing the joys of hot flushes (blergh!) then we think this range of scarves or towels could be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. More than meets the eye, this scarf from Sheez Cool actually has inbuilt technology that, when activated, cools the wearer. Ok, we’re interested…

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The unique fabric is designed to absorb moisture without that heaving soggy feeling. Once activated the scarf will remain at least 8 degrees cooler than your coolest clothing. This is a truly intriguing claim! So we asked one of our Smart. Casual. Classic Chat members from Facebook to give it a whirl for us. Here is what SCC Chat member Bree Dixon had to say about hers:

I wore this to work – volunteer at a Op Shop. I wore it my whole shift and it it kept me cool. As you can see the scarf looks amazing and it feels wonderful. I have a “thing” about scarfs close to my neck due to a thyroid disease however it felt great.

– Bree
Our lovely Facebook Chat member, Bree trialling the Sheez Cool bandana scarf $29.95 bandanas for us

Ok, who else is keen? We know we could do with one of these! There are plenty of shapes and colours to choose from and starting from $29.95 they’re pretty well priced too. Please let us know if you give it a try and we’d love for you to share your thoughts in our chat group. Click here to join the group and share advice from like-minded women and occasionally grab a freebie to trial from us!

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