Alex Perry’s 6 tips for buying glasses

Alex Perry glasses

Not only is Alex Perry the king of dramatic red carpet dresses he has also been a firm favourite of glasses wearers for years now. Having worn glasses himself since childhood it’s clear he knows what it takes to design frames that are flattering and functional. Personally, the only downfall we had while trying his range at Specsavers recently, was that we liked too many! So we’ll take his advice about bringing a buddy next time. Read on to see what other little tips the Australian design legend gave us for our next specs purchase.


alex perry glasses
Alex Perry 67 2 pairs single vision $199

There’s no rule about anything. People say things like a round face should wear this shape etc… and a lot of times everyone takes that as gospel. I’ve heard a lot say, I cannot wear red because I’m a redhead. I don’t listen to any of that. I think it’s a matter of just trying things on, it’s simple.

Try a variety, take them off and put another pair on. And after say, three pairs you’re done. I think a lot of people look for what they’ve already got again, rather than keeping an open mind to try something else on. It’s good if you’ve got somebody with you that is open-minded and can push you out of your comfort zone.

alex perry glasses
Alex Perry 66 2 pairs single vision $199

A really good idea is to take a selfie of yourself if you are not one of those people that make an instant decision. Go and have a coffee and then take a look at the selfie. It gives you an unbiased view of yourself. When you look in the mirror, you’re too concerned with like a whole lot of other stuff, you might feel you look tired, the light’s not good, your makeup is not right. And you focus on all these other things rather than an unbiased view of yourself.

Bring an honest friend, not that friend you have who is overly encouraging, the friend who says that your bum looks big in the dress, you know what I mean? You want some gentle honesty.

alex perry glasses
Alex Perry Sun RX 47 2 pairs single vision $249


I personally find specs that have the little tabs on them are good for me in the nose area. Look for light, wireframe aviators or titanium frames that will feel light and you won’t get so much of the dents if that worries you. You have to monitor what feels the most comfortable for you and importantly, make sure that you get them fitted well at the optometrist.


I want glasses to sit at the top of my eyebrows. Personally, I don’t want the glasses to cover my entire face. Make sure you can see the top of your eyebrow and you can see a bit of movement there. I think it looks a bit sexy like that.

alex perry glasses
Alex Perry 69 & Alex Perry SUN RX 46


See Alex’s full range at Specsavers.

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4 thoughts on “Alex Perry’s 6 tips for buying glasses”

  1. Looking to buy specs previously bought glasses from spec savers. Love fashion for fifty year olds

    • Hi Jane, Specsavers have a great range of designer and non-designer options. I love how accessible they make designer labels. Thanks for your comment! We love putting the features together.

  2. Just bought my 1st perry glasses ……. paid more than usual but they did look good so now checking available information using my iPad for research ( instead of just games). Wearing my glasses ……. feel very comfy and look strong. Will keep them in the case and have cleaned them ( with the provided cloth) so very clear.


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