As seen on Studio 10: Boomer Style Abroad

Sacrificing style while travelling is a thing of the past. No longer must we be confined to our daggiest, pocket-heavy options or forgo nice-looking shoes. Thanks to the huge increase in travel generally, the demand for stylish clothes has given rise to beautiful pieces that are still practical. You don’t have to pack sneakers for every day of your trip now that quality comfort shoes have a designer aesthetic (hello Vionic Shoes!) and don’t get us started on the endless options of the elegant backpacks currently available. Let’s show you three different travellers and how we styled them to suit their travel types. We have the Studio 10 clip for you and read on below for all of the credits. Thank you Studio 10 for having us on – what a fun ride that was!

Cruising with Chris

This dress for Chris is a real day-to-night type frock. The fabric is non-crease and has a pretty twist detail at the front that flatters the tummy. When cruising you want something that is beach-to-buffet-to-bar.
-Slide on Vionic shoes are designed by a Podiatrist, they have some grip for deck-to-dancefloor, and are beautiful leather strappy shoes providing more sophistication than thongs.
-This gorgeous hat is fully crushable so you can pack it at the bottom of your bag without worry. It also has an adjustable inner headband to keep it on your head when you hit the high seas!
-A light bright graphic scarf is a MUST for summer travel – more than a scarf, wear it as a wrap, headscarf or a sarong. Hot tip: keep your core clothing as well-fitting, quality basics and layer in your pretty fun stuff.

Chris wears Blue Bungalow dress, scarf and hat // Vionic ‘Daisy’ sandals // TK Maxx tote bag
International Jet-Setter, Patsy

This is amazing, almost-magical convertible dress from Cadarra can also be a skirt or top. The full look which Patsy has on Studio 10 includes a matching wrap and leggings – there is also a belt and cami in the range. These items combine to create a breathtaking amount of outfit options for travelling in style and in between climates. All of this means less luggage and Patsy literally travels the world with carry-on only. With a simple maneouvor, this garment can take you to dinner straight from the airport. Never over pack again.

The blue Cadarra
Cadarra is also available in orange, black as pictured – and white and grey not picture here.
Vivienne embarking on ‘Grey Nomad’ adventures

Vivienne’s jacket is not only water-resistant it also packs completely down into its own pocket – everything for life on the road needs to be easily down-sized. Her khaki ponte pants are not only an on-trend colour, but they’re also a very practical tone to disguise dust. They’re incredibly comfortable with a high waistband to assist with the physicality of outdoor life or the time spent in a car seat, they’re also thick to withstand life on the road and toasty warm.
-While this cobalt blue drape vest is a very practical layer it also looks beautiful for when you inevitably head to the local club. It’s a thick warm felt-type fabric and falls beautifully. It is just as suitable as a puffer vest but more elegant for those nights that you head out for dinner.
-Vivienne’s lace-up boots are a nod to the hiking boots trend – so timely for grey nomads! Once you have a taste of that extra ankle support you won’t ever wear a low profile sneaker again.
-Lastly, like most things, while travelling you need multi-functional items and this convertible and chic carry bag that can also be a backpack.

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  1. How good was that ‘Smart Casual Classic’ another great TV interview.
    Loved this ‘Boomer Style Abroad’ story , you nailed it, loved all the style for cruising,
    Jetsetter and Grey Nomad. Well done 👍

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I just saw the Channel 10 repeat of Boomers Abroad. I was just wondering where the presenter of this website got her beautiful blue sheer dot shirt fro m? I love it! Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you Melissa

    • Hi Melissa, that’s lovely of you to say. It’s a pretty colour that top. It’s from Zara.

      I’ll see if I can dig out a direct link for you.

      Thanks again!

  3. Loved very smart casual classic clothes I just saw on TV.. I need to buy that blue top/ dress !

  4. Wow Bec, what a sensational TV segment – you go gal! Loved the models, loved the outfits and the cost was absolute value for money.
    and, your styling was impeccable. So great to have realistic yet very stylish input for baby boomers plus – and yes, the looks were ageless and would suit slim to fuller figures as well.

    • Thank you, Lee! It was such a fun segment. All of my models – who have never officially modelled before – were absolute superstars! Lots of nerves but I think we found our groove and I’m surprised they got us off the set 🙂 I’m very happy with the looks also. Everything had a very specific reason as to why it was great for travel. I just didn’t get the time to go through them all. Maybe next time! Haha. Thanks again, Lee. Bec


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