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5 Millers looks that will have you running into store

Yesterday we asked what brand you thought Vivienne was modelling and tonight we reveal that it’s… Millers! We wanted people to view the brand while being free of any pre-conceived opinions. We believe that every store has something for someone, it’s all about knowing how to shop. Trust your eye and keep in mind 3 important requirements before you even pick up an item – colours, cuts and fabrics. If you know the colour suits you, that the cut that is flattering to your shape and the fabric is good quality then you’re in the right place. Apply this rule to all purchases, especially when in second-hand stores and we promise that you will find enjoyment in shopping.

For those of you that already enjoy Millers, we’re in on it with you. Prices are unbeatable, they have thoughtful fabrications and cuts, the Maggie T collection is one of the most exciting fashion acquisitions in a long time and they’re all over Australia. For those who don’t yet shop at Millers, we hope we’ve inspired you to take a closer look.

Now, to the whole shoot and credits!

Millers mature fashion

Maggi T @ Millers top $59 // Maggie T @ Millers stretch pant $59 // Millers necklace $15 // Millers scarf $18 // Carla Zampatti for Specsavers prescription sunglasses // Zurii genuine leather bag  // Target slides $15


Millers mature fashion

Millers top $35 // Maggie T @ Millers stretch pant $59 // Cotton On sunglassess $14.95 // Target slides $15 // Seed Heritage bag (not current)


Millers mature fashion

Millers top $ // Maggie T @ Millers stretch pant $59 // Millers scarf $ // Millers bag $40 // Millers necklace // Cotton On Sunglasses (not current) // Target slides $15


Millers mature fashion

Maggie. T for Millers anorak $79 // Maggie. T for Millers arrow print tee $39 // Maggie T @ Millers stretch pant $59 // Target sneakers $25 // Cotton On Sunglasses (not current)

Millers mature fashion

Millers blouse in-store, coming soon online // Millers pants $35 // Millers bag $30 // Millers necklace $15 // Hael & Jax shoes at Styletread $119.95


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20 thoughts on “5 Millers looks that will have you running into store”

  1. I would not have believed those looks to have come from Miller’s. I love the fit of the stretch pants. All very impressive.

    • The stretch pants are really good Jacqueline! Thick enough to not worry too much about underwear lines and they had a slight sheen to them so easily cleaned.

    • Hi Johanna, thank you. Yes, we are all about celebrating mature women and all of the fashion and beauty stories on our site are for women over 45.

    • Thanks Colette! Yes, I know what you mean. I like them to be long enough to skim certain areas but not too long to swamp me. Millers have a good balance in that, I think. – Rebecca.

  2. I love all the clothes that been modeled. I just wish Millers would open a store in Ararat as Ballarat is over an hour away and Ararat is just on 40 minutes away

  3. I have Maggie T Jean’s.
    Love them.
    So comfy. May have to get another pair for these outfits. They are lovely.

  4. Would love to see the Maggie t range on a lady that is a size 24 and also a petite range for larger ladies as only short. Thank you

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly, Alexis. When we have access to more models we will definitely mix up the sizes and heights. Plus, I am always going on about the need for petite ranges of all sizes too! If I had money to outlay I’d start one myself- there is a definite need.

  5. How smart are these clothes. So classy and well cut! I will be marching in to purchase these clothes. They look fantastic plus they are not ridiculously overpriced. Thank you !

    • Thanks for your comment, Dianna. Totally agree, fantastic prices and cuts. Thanks for following! Hope to share more great shoots with you soon.

  6. I have a very big problem finding pants that are a good length for my 5ft 10in size 16 size. Always at least 1 inch or more too short, very frustrating.

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