Unbelievably Comfortable (and sexy!) Knickers

comfortable knickers It’s not often you can use the words comfortable and sexy in the same sentence. But we’re pleased to discover they’re both appropriate adjectives to describe a new underwear line called, The Knicker. Aptly named, all they do is knickers. No bras or other lingerie, they’re focused squarely on your undies! Hmmm.

While they look like something out of a French lingerie catalogue they’re designed to feel like that favourite pair of underpants that you just keep re-buying. In fact, we feel they’re going to replace those undies that you get in every shade.

comfortable knickers Our standards have become high with modern knickers. We want gentle fabrics, comfort and no visible lines. The Knicker claims to deliver all of these and best of all they look good too. So if you ever wind up in an accident and taken to the hospital, rest assured you only need focus on your recovery and not your underwear like your mum used to warn you about.

What we really love is that the price does not resemble that of French lingerie. Coming in at $15 a pair and going up to a size 20 we predict they will be flying off the shelves and under Australian women’s clothes at a rate of knots.

Available online or find your nearest stockist here.

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  1. Knickers, think might try them, especially if they are comfy, they look good too. Well sexy too 😁


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