We chat with Amanda’s Stylist, Caitlyn on how she Gets the Keller Look.

It’s been over a year since we here at Smart. Casual. Classic started getting Amanda’s look each week. One evening her outfit struck a chord and there was a realisation that her style has been doing that for a while now. It was a scramble to find similar pieces and it was shared straight to Facebook. This was before we even had a website! It seems you’ve been noticing Amanda’s fashion each week as well and it’s been a regularly popular post. As we’ve said before, it’s Amanda’s sense of individuality that drew us to emulate her look and we were pleased to discover that signature quirkiness is all from her. That doesn’t mean Amanda hits the shops each week, this style is a collaboration with her long-term stylist, Caitlin Stewart. Channel 10 were kind enough to arrange an interview for us with Caitlin to discuss how the magic comes together. Read on to hear about this dream team in stylish action and don’t forget to get tonight’s monochrome look!

I have worked with Amanda for well over ten years, I almost know her body better than my own! So I am very familiar with what she likes and can choose clothes for her but at the end of the day, she has a lot to do with what she wears, which is great. Amanda is always happy to have a bit of fun with it and take risks. She does some of the styling herself – a lot of her accessories are her own and she has an incredible jewellery collection of amazing pieces she has collected from everywhere. So she brings in a handful of jewellery every week and we have a play with it, we mix and match with the clothing that I bring in. We collaborate and she or I will suggest pairing things as a team rather than me just telling Amanda what to wear. Which I love because Amanda really has her own style, she is fun and quirky. We’re always trying to keep it fresh and funky – but she isn’t trying to look too young either.

Our first ever Amanda Get The Look back in April 2018


We mix it up with prices and Amanda can wear a high-end top one week and a $40 top the next. So we mix it up with loaning pieces and buying and then occasionally Amanda will bring in something from her own wardrobe or something she picked up on holiday and we will often make it work.

In the past, she was wearing similar brands so we are trying to even mix up the brands now to keep up the variety. So this year we’ve had a big mix and there is more variety to come – expect something new every episode.

It’s lovely to discover that Smart. Casual. Classic. are following Amanda’s style and getting a lot out of what we’re doing her looks. It’s great because she is a beautiful person inside and it’s great to read that you’re enjoying it!

July 2019 Episode – Amanda in her signature long sleeve dress, toughened up with a boot.
Collection dress $139.95 @ Myer // Wittner boots $120 // Baublebar earrings $60 @ The Iconic


Amanda is almost a perfect hourglass figure – I know her measurements off by heart! haha`So, generally I like to find waist-defining clothing. She might occasionally wear a loose top but that will always be with fitted trousers so she isn’t completely swamped. Plus, with the Living Room we take into account that she is sitting on a couch so we might style her accordingly to ensure nothing is exposed etc. But day-to-day dressing for Amanda’s figure we go for things that are more fitted, a straight skirt or dress, a pencil skirt. Like many women, Amanda feels more comfortable covering her arms so we like little cropped jackets, sleeves, lots of silks for summer. Occasionally we’ve done silky wide-leg pants with a little heel and usually go for a higher waist to elongate her legs. Generally, we like to show off her shape!


We took a bit of a chance with Logies in a full princess gown with a really full skirt which we usually don’t do, we typically go extremely fitted. The only way we got away with doing that is to really bring her in at the waist because that’s one of her positive assets.

Image: Instagram. Amanda’s showstopping 2019 Logies look


Amanda is very specific with her shoes. She loves boots and will wear them all year round – they are one of her favourite things to wear. I remember one year she wore `boots to The Logies! Last year, it was sneakers to The Logies, so comfort is important. She won’t be forced into uncomfortable shoes, she believes she can still look funky in comfortable footwear and she can. So boots are her favourite thing and she owns a huge amount of cool boots and will often toughen up an overtly feminine frock with a boot. There are occasional heels thrown into the mix but never a corporate basic pump, there is always an edge.


Amanda has rock-chic about her thrown in with some soft feminine prints that soften her look as well. She has a rebellious, I’d say. It’s putting a sequin or lace blouse with a denim jacket, it may not always match but she rocks it- it’s quite bohemian in that sense.


Not everything is everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. People may not like a certain style of clothing and that is fine but if people ever make comments about her weight or shape then that is when it’s a hurtful personal attack. But I always say if it’s a comment on a jacket or whatever then that’s just life.

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  1. Love watching Amanda to see what she is wearing. Always looks great. Plus I am an avid follower of Rebecca. Just love her site and what she is trying to achieve.

  2. Interesting read ‘Smart Casual Classic’ Caitlyn does a good job styling Amanda.
    Yes I watch the show every week and do look forward to see what Amanda is
    Wearing from week to week (enjoy ‘The Living Room’ as well and having a read
    what Smart Casual Classic has to say.


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