Carole Schools Us in Lush, Layered Winter Neutrals

We had the pleasure of working with Carole on a recent shoot for multiway fashion brand, CADARRA. Carole modelled for CADARRA (got to love a brand representing mature age beauties!) and what do you do when the talent steps back into their civilian gear and it looks this good? You ask for a street style photo, of course! Take it away, Carole…

Elegantly casual, Carole Liivrand

What I’m Wearing

Pants: Country Road Sateen Jeans in “Stone:
I have three pairs of these in different colours, as well as other Country Road pants. I love them because they fit so well and I can dress them up or down. Also, I can just buy them without wasting time trying them on, and if I want, I can order them online. Their size 12 fits perfectly. With other brands, I often have to buy the larger size and take in the waist. I do a lot of online shopping!

Sweater: Witchery (last season)
It’s a mixture of Wool, Alpaca, Nylon and Modal – [according to Google: Modal knit fabric is a variety of rayon, made exclusively from the renewable fiber of beech trees. Since the base material comes from a natural source, rayon fibers like modal are sometimes classified as a “natural synthetic.” Fabric made from modal is very soft and smooth, with a moderate to high sheen.]

I wear a lot of Cashmere or Cashmere/Wool Blend. They are light and warm and fabulous for travel. I have a little black cardigan which is always in the aircraft cabin with me …. should I ever be heading overseas again, post Covid?

My Personal Style

Smart Casual, Slightly Sporty. I am not into frills and flounces, or florals, although I do occasionally wear them. I like things that are slightly different, but I also like comfort and things that are easy to wear, and hopefully, they still look smart. If it’s too hard, it goes back in the wardrobe. I like block colours, stripes and the occasional check, and I occasionally accessorise with scarves or jewellery, but never too much of anything.

In my corporate days, I nearly always wore classic suits with a hint of frill or lace. I had some fabulous blouses and shirts. Lots of mix and match too: jackets, skirts, pants, and great overcoat for winter. I like nice bags and shoes too, although I have little need for them these days.

My taste hasn’t really changed that much but what I wear has had to adjust to my lifestyle, and to the more casual/relaxed way people dress in recent times. My life in recent years has been spent around golf, boating and travelling, with a bit of ‘work from home’ thrown in.

These days, I live in jeans, capri pants and trousers. Mostly, we eat out locally in places that don’t lend themselves to patrons wearing chiffon cocktail dresses. Having said that, I will quite happily pull out a chiffon skirt, and pair it with a short knit, a pair of boots and a leather jacket. Breakfast is my favourite time to eat out, usually after a long walk to the café.

Favourite Styles

I’m not a dedicated follower of brands or trends per se, and usually put things together from my wardrobe, complementing with the odd new piece. Having said that, I tend to wear a lot of (Ralph Lauren) Polo T/Shirts, especially for golf, and also have collected a few Ralph Lauren pieces. I like the Sporty Ralph Lauren, Gant, Hugo Boss and some Tommy Hilfiger styles, yet I occasionally buy things from Ezibuy – jeans, capris, and the occasional sweater. Also wear a lot of Witchery and Country Road.

My favourite colours: navy, white, light tan, lots of black outfits, bottle green, spearmint green, olive green, neutrals like light caramel/cream/light grey, bold reds, turquoise, buttercup yellow (in tops only). As you can see, lots of different colours.

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  1. I know CAROLE, and indeed, she’s stylish and beautifully classical with her wardrobe.
    Beautiful photography ….. you look amazing CAROLE.

    • Oh how lovely! I only spent the day with Carole and she was a pleasure to work with. And I can see what you mean about her style. Kind, warm and natural in style and personality x


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